From Armagetron
  Opening Round (18:00 GMT) Sweet Sixteen (18:45 GMT) Elite Eight (19:30 GMT) Final Four (20:15 GMT) Championship (21:00 GMT)
 Deities of the Triforce  
  CT LIV  Deities of the Triforce  
   Black and Gold  
Ritsuka's USA  The Sexiest Team Ever
CT LIV  Black and Gold  
  CT LIV  Black and Gold 1  
  Lowkey's USA  ZOMBIES 2  
  Lowkey's USA  ZOMBIES 2
  Lowkey's USA  Music Lovers 2  
  Theo's FR3  Trolls
  CT STO  TeamUnK 0
  Theo's FR3  Music Lovers 2  
 Music Lovers  
  CT STO  Music Lovers 2
   Inside-Out Oreo 0  
 Inside-Out Oreo  
CT LIV  Music Lovers 2
Lowkey's USA  WDBC 1
 thuggish behaviour  
  Light's USA  thuggish behaviour 1  
   Three Kings 2  
 Three Kings  
  Light's USA  Three Kings 2  
  Light's NY  Cowboys from Hell 0  
  Light's NY  Athens Academy
   Cowboys from Hell  
 Cowboys from Hell  
  Light's USA  Three Kings 0
   WDBC 2  
 gazelle sux  
  CT FR  gazelle sux 2
   The Rat Pack 1  
 The Rat Pack  
  Ritsuka's USA  gazelle sucks 0
  CT FR  WDBC 2  
Light's USA  cats on mars 0  
Theo's FR3  West Dunlap Backgammon Club 2  
  Ritsuka's USA  WDBC 2
   Three Mops 0  
 Three Mops