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  Opening Round (18:00 GMT) Elite Eight (18:45 GMT) Final Four (19:30 GMT) Championship (20:15 GMT)
N/A  wow such team  
  Cadi NY1
Theo FR3.2
 wow such team  
Cadi NY1  Open Team
 Dig Bick Squad  
  Venom GER
Cadi NY1
Venom GER  LOL!  
  Venom GER
Compguy NY2
Compguy NY2  _~`Wild WST
  Compguy NY1
Venom GER
Theo FR3.1  The Jedi Council  
  Compguy NY1
Theo FR3.1
Compguy NY1  Team Mexico
 Music Lovers  
  Compguy NY1
Renegade NL
Renegade NL  Serendipity  
 Magister and the 3 Dutchies  
  Renegade NL
Cadi NY2
Cadi NY2  Cubed
 Shexy HairbruSh