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  Opening Round (18:00 GMT) Elite Eight (18:45 GMT) Final Four (19:30 GMT) Championship (20:15 GMT)
N/A  wow such team  
  Cadi NY1
Theo FR3.2
 wow such team  
Cadi NY1  Open Team
 Dig Bick Squad  
  Venom GER
Cadi NY1
Venom GER  LOL!  
  Venom GER
Compguy NY2
Compguy NY2  _~`Wild WST
  Compguy NY1
Venom GER
Theo FR3.1  The Jedi Council  
  Compguy NY1
Theo FR3.1
Compguy NY1  Team Mexico
 Music Lovers  
  Compguy NY1
Renegade NL
Renegade NL  Serendipity X  
 Magister and the 3 Dutchies X  
  Renegade NL
Cadi NY2
Cadi NY2  Cubed 2
 Shexy HairbruSh 0