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  First Round (18:45 GMT) Second Round (19:45 GMT) Quarterfinals (20:30 GMT) Semi Finals (21:15 GMT) Finals (22:00 GMT)
 Ninja Turtles 2  
  INW's #1  Ninja Turtles  
     Kung Fu Legends  
INW's #1  Kung Fu Legends 2
 Pac-Man 0  
  INW's #1    
  G5's #1    
G5's #1  Sex Addicts 2  
 Still Alive 0  
  G5's #1  Sex Addicts
     Wild West Alpha  
INW #3  Wild West Alpha x
 Redemption x  
  INW's #1    
  CT LIV    
  CT LIV  Impossible
     The Muffin Stuffers  
CT's LIV  The Muffin Stuffers 2
 Greek Gods 0  
  CT LIV  
  INW's #2    
INW's #2  ☣ 0  
 bot.team 2  
  INW's #2  bot.team
     Still Alive 2  
 Still Alive 2  
INW's #1  
 Who ate all the pies?  
  CT's USA  Who ate all the pies?  
     Guess Again?!  
CT's USA  Guess Again?! 2
 Oracle 0  
  CT's USA    
  CT's STO    
CT's STO  First 2B Pwnd  
  CT's STO  
     Music Lovers  
G5's #2  Music Lovers 2
 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1  
  CT's USA    
G5's #3  Father, Son, & The Holy Ghost  
     Collateral Damage  
Rogue's  Collateral Damage 2
 uNa 0  
Z-Man's  Sesame Street  
     Wild West Bravo  
 Wild West Bravo