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  First Round (18:00 GMT) Second Round (18:45 GMT) Quarterfinals (19:30 GMT) Semi Finals (20:15 GMT) Finals (21:00 GMT)
 Ww 2  
 ~bye~4 X  
  CT's USA  Ww 2  
     Ars Martialis 1  
CT's USA  Ars Martialis 2
 Same Old X  
  CT's USA  Ww  
  CT's MBX  ous  
CT's MBX  Deja Vu  
  CT's MBX  Pornstars 0
     ous 2  
ID's KS  ous 2
 Voodoo People 0  
  CT's USA    
  Empha's #1  \\Lagoon Company  
CT's STO  \\Lagoon Company 2  
 bu 0  
  INW's  \\Lagoon Company 2
     Immortals 0  
INW's  Tr0nn3r$ 0
 Immortals 2  
  Empha's #1  \\Lagoon Company 2
  INW's  \\Meet Your Megatrons 0  
Empha's #1  Nexus2 0  
 \\Meet Your Megatrons 0  
  Empha's #1  \\Meet Your Megatrons 2
     CTg 0  
 ~bye~1 X
 CTg X  
CT's USA  
 Chronically Pour beer over Elmo    
 ~bye~2 X  
  ID's NY  Chronically Pour beer over Elmo 0  
     HORD 2  
 Veja Du 0  
  ID's NY  HORD 2  
  Empha's #2  Disastrous Villains 0  
Empha's #2  Dynastics  
 \\Professor Eckz's School for Gifted Tronners  
  Empha's #2  
Ritsuka's  Haxors
 Disastrous Villains  
  ID NY    
CT's LIV  Formula 1  
 Dark Snîpers  
HA's  uNa
  HA's  silly puds  
Z-Man's  ~'U 2  
 DpG 0  
  Z-Man's  ~'U 0
     silly puds 2  
 ~bye~3 X
 silly puds X