The History Project

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The History Project is the all encompassing title for the efforts to document and analyze the individual players, the groups of players, and the organized groups of players. A development history is a more traditional and more common log, that appears in several places for Armagetron Advanced. A well written, well researched, piercing historical account of what happened has yet to be written.

Project Goals

To publish in some capacity a first volume of Armagetron Advanced: A Player's History either online or in print by January 2010.



Actions that occurred in time, their impact and significance in their present and in their passing.


People who played the game, their impact and significance as individuals.


Groups of players who impacted the social fabric of the game.


Servers that altered Armagetron competition, gameplay or culture.


Opinionated arguments on various points in Armagetron's history.


Project Initiation

The History Project was not initiated by a singular person, but grew as ideas laid themselves upon each other in a topic.

Leading Historians

These people have taken up the call, rumbling through old wiki entries, old forum threads, various old websites. To understand their interpretation of events, it is important to understand their personal history and biases.

Style Guide

For Writers.