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#armagetron.tourneys is an IRC chat room on FreeNode dedicated to Armagetron Advanced tournaments. You can join without an IRC client using this website. It is preferred that all tournament-related chat happens in this channel rather than on the main channel, on the pickup channel or on individual tournament channels, so that any tournament-related discussion or logs can easily be found.

Channel Staffers

Channel staffers are marked with voice(+v, have + next to their name in some clients) most of the time. Staffer status is given to users who take participation in the running of tournaments, are active on IRC and willing to help. If you need any help with the channel's operation, please feel free to ping them by mentioning their nickname.

Channel Topic

The channel topic is free for all to edit within reason, to provide an overview of the status of ongoing and upcoming tournaments or leagues. When editing, try to respect the formatting and take care to not erase other tournament info. If you need advice, feel free to ask anyone who has voice(+).

/topic [new topic]
This command sets the channel topic. Some IRC clients let you edit the topic line directly in their UI, so you may not need to use this command. Running the command with no argument usually displays the current channel topic.

Dispute resolution

Occasionally, disputes may require tournament participants, for instance team leaders, to use the channel to settle a dispute, perhaps with the help of a mediator. If it is needed for the conversation to be run without interference, a channel operator can set the channel up so that only the relevant parties can talk. Simply ask one of them.

Staffer cheat sheet

Opping yourself

/msg chanserv op #armagetron.tourneys
Grants yourself operator status(+o, @ next to your nickname) in the channel, so that you may exert actions such as setting moderated status, voicing other users, or setting bans.
/msg chanserv deop #armagetron.tourneys
/mode -o YourNickname
/deop YourNickname
Removes operator status for yourself. Please do this when you do not need operator status.

Setting moderated mode

/mode +m
Sets moderated status to the channel(+m) so that only voiced people can chat. Use this when it is important to make clear conversation between two parties of a dispute.
/mode -m
Undoes the above.
/mode +v nickname
/mode +vvv nickname nickname nickname
/voice nickname nickname ...
Gives the given users voice status(+v, + next to their nickname) so that they may chat even when the channel is moderated.
/mode -v nickname
/mode -vvv nickname nickname nickname
/devoice nickname nickname ...
Removes voice from the given users.

Locking the topic

/mode +t
Locks the topic so that only operators can edit it. Use this when users are spamming topic changes.
/mode -t
Undoes the above

Dealing with troublemakers

/kick nickname
/kickban nickname
Removes the given user from the channel.