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  <nowiki>{{TrolTeam|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Global ID|Teammate 1|Teammate 2|Teammate 3}}</nowiki>
  <nowiki>{{TrolTeam|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Global ID|Teammate 1|Teammate 2|Teammate 3}}</nowiki>
{{TrolTeam|a black cat|Deso|Desolate@forums|Durka|Jericho|TBA}}
{{TrolTeam|a black cat|Deso|Desolate@forums|Durka|Jericho|Vein}}
{{TrolTeam|a bronze cat|Ampz|Ampz@forums|Mister|Appleseed|Liz}}
{{TrolTeam|a bronze cat|Ampz|Ampz@forums|Mister|Appleseed|Liz}}

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Fort / Sumo Trolympics

Trolympics | Teams | Discussion Thread | Brackets
The Trolympics will be played on Sunday, July 26, 2020!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

General Information


  • This is the Fort / Sumo Trolympics, featuring small teams facing off in a variety of fort / sumo game modes, including:
    • 4-team fortress
    • War Sumo Tournament with an adjusted map
    • 1v1 Sumo team face-offs
  • Times and brackets are listed below.
  • You will also find official settings and guidelines below.


  • Each team consists of 4 players.
    • The 4 players are only needed for the 4-team fortress phase of the tournament, while the team can manage with 3 players for the sumo rounds.
    • Once you have played for a team, you are not allowed to play for another team in the same tournament.
    • Team captains are allowed to find a substitute if their teammate doesn’t show.
  • It is important that each round begins on time; matches should begin no longer than 5 minutes past the scheduled time, assuming the previous round matchups have all finished. Once 5 minutes have passed, the match will begin, with the non-showing team able to join late, if possible, or receiving 0 points as the result of that round.
    • If the delay is due to a previous round taking longer than scheduled, the 5 minutes start only once all of the relevant previous rounds have been finished.
  • People who cause a disturbance in the tournament servers will be silenced, suspended, kicked, and/or banned at the moderators’ discretion.
  • Be friendly and have fun. Be friendly to any new players that arrive to watch from the Steam release or elsewhere!

Detailed Tournament Information

  • Each tournament phase (4-team fort, WST, 1v1 Sumo) will consist of 2 sequential matches, with the second being decided based on the results of the first match.
    • Participating teams will be randomly placed into matches separately during each phase of the tournament.
  • Points will be awarded at the end of the second match, based on the results of that phase of the tournament, and the number of teams participating.
  • In the event of a tie in points at the end of the tournament, the tie will be broken as follows:
    • 2 teams tied - 1v1 sumo face-off (3 players)
    • Multiple teams tied - Multi-team fort match
  • 4-team Fort
    • Four teams face-off in the multi-team fort map each round, in one match to 100 points.
  • War Sumo Tournament
    • Two teams face-off in the new WST map for one match to 2000 points.
  • 1v1 Sumo
    • Two teams face-off in a 1v1 Sumo best of 3, each picking players to play in each round, in the following order:
      • The team captains face off in the first match
      • The winning team has to choose their next participating player first in the subsequent rounds.
    • Matches will be played to 900 points.
  • This is a fun, steam celebration tournament first and foremost.


Free Agents

The following players are looking for a team. Please reach out to them if you wish to sign-up together. Otherwise, players on this list will be randomized and placed onto teams before the brackets are made.

  • Example:Player@forums
  • Add your Global ID here
  • syllabear@forums


To add your team onto the list, simply fill in this template and then post it at the end of the list. Please put N/A if you do not wish to provide your teammate's Global ID.

{{TrolTeam|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Global ID|Teammate 1|Teammate 2|Teammate 3}}
  1. a black cat | Deso(Desolate@forums), Durka, Jericho, Vein
  2. a bronze cat | Ampz(Ampz@forums), Mister, Appleseed, Liz


Please add your Global ID to the below list if you want to volunteer as a moderator for the tournament, ensuring that the rules are followed, matches begin smoothly, and results are captured timely and accurately.

  • Example: Player@forums
  • Pre@forums
  • Add your Global ID here



Maps to be added.

Server Settings

RINCLUDE 4-team fort  config to be added
RINCLUDE WST  config to be added
RINCLUDE 1v1 Sumo  config to be added
RINCLUDE Tournament auths  to be added
SERVER_NAME to be added

Server List

''Template to be added''

North America


Challenge Board


To edit the brackets change Template:TrolympicsBracket1

4-Team Fort

  First Round (17:00 GMT) Second Round (17:30GMT) Results
  Z-man's GER Wet and Wild 63 Deso's US a bronze cat 100 a bronze cat 10
  Dumb Tronners 10 Wet and Wild 96 Wet and Wild 7
  a bronze cat 100 a black cat 61 7th 5
  Evolve 35 7th 83 a black cat 4
  Deso's US Pand::ra's B::x 47 Z-man's GER Evolve 100 Evolve 3
  7th 68 Dumb Tronners 36 Pand::ra's B::x 2
  a black cat 100 Pand::ra's B::x 69 Dumb Tronners 1


  First Round (~18:00 GMT) Second Round (~18:30GMT) Results
  Rx US  a bronze cat 0 Noodles US  a bronze cat 2000  a bronze cat 10
 OPEN 0  Wet and Wild 1200  Wet and Wild 7
  Rx EU  Dumb Tronners 600 Deso's EU  Evolve 2000  Evolve 10
 Evolve 2000  a black cat 900  a black cat 7
  Noodles US  Wet and Wild 2000 Rx US  OPEN 0  7th 5
 7th 1860  7th 0  N/A 2
  Deso's EU  a black cat 2000 Rx EU  Dumb Tronners 510  Pandora's Box 5
 Pand::ra's B::x 1200  Pandora's Box 2000  Dumb Tronners 2

1v1 Sumo

  First Round (~19:00 GMT) Second Round (~19:30GMT) Results
  kite's US  Pand::ra's B::x 0 kevinh.US  Evolve 2  Evolve 10
 Evolve 2  a bronze cat 0  a bronze cat 7
  TBA  Dumb Tronners 0 Deso's EU  Dumb Tronners 0  Wet and Wild 10
 OPEN 0  Wet and Wild 2  Dumb Tronners 7
  kevinh.US  a bronze cat 2 kite's US  Pand::ra's B::x 2  Pand::ra's B::x 5
 7th 0  7th 1  7th 2
  Deso's EU  Wet and Wild 2 TBA  OPEN 0  a black cat 5
 a black cat 0  a black cat 0  

  Teams Points
   a bronze cat 27
   Wet and Wild 24
   Evolve 23
   a black cat 16
   7th 12
   Pand::ra's B::x 12
   Dumb Tronners 10

Points Results

Table to be added

Bracket to be created, for a general outline of how the tournament will run, please look at the following picture:



Multi-Team Fort Starting Time

GMT: 17:00 (5:00PM)
CEST: 19:00 (7:00PM)
EDT: 13:00 (1:00PM)

War Sumo Tournament Starting Time

GMT: 18:00 (6:00PM)
CEST: 20:00 (8:00PM)
EDT: 14:00 (2:00PM)

1v1 Sumo Face-off Starting Time

GMT: 19:00 (7:00PM)
CEST: 21:00 (9:00PM)
EDT: 15:00 (3:00PM)

Additional Information


Please contact Deso (Desolate@forums) in advance to become an administrator.

  • Desolate@forums
  • raph123@forums
  • Titanoboa@forums


Z-man's recordings