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===Server Settings===
===Server Settings===
  RINCLUDE '''4-team fort'''''config to be added''
  RINCLUDE '''4-team fort''' '' config to be added''
  RINCLUDE '''WST'''''config to be added''
  RINCLUDE '''WST''' '' config to be added''
  RINCLUDE '''1v1 Sumo'''''config to be added''
  RINCLUDE '''1v1 Sumo''' '' config to be added''
  RINCLUDE '''Tournament auths'''''to be added''
  RINCLUDE '''Tournament auths''' '' to be added''
  SERVER_NAME 0xaa44ffm-TST 5 0xff4444(0x6699eePlayer 1's Server0xff4444)
  SERVER_NAME 0xaa44ffm-TST 5 0xff4444(0x6699eePlayer 1's Server0xff4444)

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Fort / Sumo Trolympics

Trolympics | Teams | Discussion Thread | Brackets
The Trolympics will be played on Sunday, July 26, 2020!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

General Information


  • This is the Fort / Sumo Trolympics, featuring small teams facing off in a variety of fort / sumo game modes, including:
    • 4-team fortress
    • War Sumo Tournament with an adjusted, smaller map
    • 1v1 Sumo team face-offs
  • Times and brackets are listed below.
  • You will also find official settings and guidelines below.


  • Each team consists of 4 players.
    • The 4 players are only needed for the 4-team fortress phase of the tournament, while the team can manage with 3 players for the sumo rounds.
    • Once you have played for a team, you are not allowed to play for another team in the same tournament.
    • Team captains are allowed to find a substitute if their teammate doesn’t show.
  • It is important that each round begins on time; matches should begin no longer than 5 minutes past the scheduled time, assuming the previous round matchups have all finished. Once 5 minutes have passed, the match will begin, with the non-showing team able to join late, if possible, or receiving 0 points as the result of that round.
    • If the delay is due to a previous round taking longer than scheduled, the 5 minutes start only once all of the relevant previous rounds have been finished.
  • People who cause a disturbance in the tournament servers will be silenced, suspended, kicked, and/or banned at the moderators’ discretion.
  • Be friendly and have fun. Be friendly to any new players that arrive to watch from the steam release!


Free Agents

The following players are looking for a team. Please reach out to them if you wish to sign-up together. Otherwise, players on this list will be randomized and placed onto teams before the brackets are made.

  • Example:Player@forums
  • Add your Global ID here


To add your team onto the list, simply fill in this template and then post it at the end of the list. Please put N/A if you do not wish to provide your teammate's Global ID.

{{TrolTeam|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Global ID|Teammate 1|Teammate 2|Teammate 3}}


Please add your Global ID to the below list if you want to volunteer as a moderator for the tournament, ensuring that the rules are followed, matches begin smoothly, and results are captured timely and accurately.

  • Example: Player@forums
  • Add your Global ID here



Maps to be added.

Server Settings

RINCLUDE 4-team fort  config to be added
RINCLUDE WST  config to be added
RINCLUDE 1v1 Sumo  config to be added
RINCLUDE Tournament auths  to be added
SERVER_NAME 0xaa44ffm-TST 5 0xff4444(0x6699eePlayer 1's Server0xff4444)

Server List

{{TSTServer|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[http://serverwebsite.com http://serverwebsite.com]}

North America

  • TST 26 (dT+ Dumb Tronners US) () New York


  • TST 26 (dT+ Dumb Tronners EU) () London

Challenge Board


To edit the brackets change Template:TrolympicsBracket1

4-Team Fort

  First Round (17:00 GMT) Second Round (17:30GMT) Results
  Z-man's GER Wet and Wild 63 Deso's US a bronze cat 100 a bronze cat 10
  Dumb Tronners 10 Wet and Wild 96 Wet and Wild 7
  a bronze cat 100 a black cat 61 7th 5
  Evolve 35 7th 83 a black cat 4
  Deso's US Pand::ra's B::x 47 Z-man's GER Evolve 100 Evolve 3
  7th 68 Dumb Tronners 36 Pand::ra's B::x 2
  a black cat 100 Pand::ra's B::x 69 Dumb Tronners 1


  First Round (~18:00 GMT) Second Round (~18:30GMT) Results
  Rx US  a bronze cat 0 Noodles US  a bronze cat 2000  a bronze cat 10
 OPEN 0  Wet and Wild 1200  Wet and Wild 7
  Rx EU  Dumb Tronners 600 Deso's EU  Evolve 2000  Evolve 10
 Evolve 2000  a black cat 900  a black cat 7
  Noodles US  Wet and Wild 2000 Rx US  OPEN 0  7th 5
 7th 1860  7th 0  N/A 2
  Deso's EU  a black cat 2000 Rx EU  Dumb Tronners 510  Pandora's Box 5
 Pand::ra's B::x 1200  Pandora's Box 2000  Dumb Tronners 2

1v1 Sumo

  First Round (~19:00 GMT) Second Round (~19:30GMT) Results
  kite's US  Pand::ra's B::x 0 kevinh.US  Evolve 2  Evolve 10
 Evolve 2  a bronze cat 0  a bronze cat 7
  TBA  Dumb Tronners 0 Deso's EU  Dumb Tronners 0  Wet and Wild 10
 OPEN 0  Wet and Wild 2  Dumb Tronners 7
  kevinh.US  a bronze cat 2 kite's US  Pand::ra's B::x 2  Pand::ra's B::x 5
 7th 0  7th 1  7th 2
  Deso's EU  Wet and Wild 2 TBA  OPEN 0  a black cat 5
 a black cat 0  a black cat 0  

  Teams Points
   a bronze cat 27
   Wet and Wild 24
   Evolve 23
   a black cat 16
   7th 12
   Pand::ra's B::x 12
   Dumb Tronners 10

Bracket to be created, for a general outline of how the tournament will run, please look at the following picture:



First Round Starting Time

GMT: 17:00 (5:00PM)
CEST: 19:00 (7:00PM)
EDT: 13:00 (1:00PM)

Additional Information


Please contact Deso (Desolate@forums) in advance to become an administrator.

  • Desolate@forums
  • raph123@forums
  • Titanoboa@forums


Z-man's recordings