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Who I'm

Hi, Im Absolution, also know as Tuxie, I love Music, Guitar and Tron. I'm 16 years old. My Logins are: Absolution@forums Absol@aagid

How I Started

I started playing around 08' in a bunch of high rubber servers as Player 1, High rubber was so bored so i started playing wild fort as Tuxie, then i got a lot of fakes so i leave wild fort to try Capture the Flag for a few years, I never wanted to join a clan or get a forums account.

Capture the Flag days and 1st break

I loved CTF in that days so i was improving a lot, i found tron so bored so i stopped playing for a few months.

Come Back and Return to Fort/Sumo

I Came back from my break so i tried regular fortress for a while (not wild fort), i loved fortress and i found tron pretty fun, using Player 1 alias. I tried Sumo too.


Hated of being clanless i applied for rZ, i improved a lot because i wanted to get in and i did it, i thought rZ was too good for me, and i left it, (very bad mistake), some troubles with my name made me change it to Absolution.


Once i left rZ, i found Jofish in Skytower SumoBar and he asked me why i quit rZ, i told him and he told be some stuff about Phoenix, so i applied and i got in, phoenix was full of members (around 40 or 30) and they got kicked for inactivity, Jofish left and GT350 died (i mean on tron) and i thought phoenix was going to die so i left.


Im Part of the .e!Epsilon clan now, if someone needs help with ctf, sumo, fort, id like to help, so dont be afraid to ask :) P.S: Find me as Solutai