From Armagetron

I started my Tron experience back in 2009. When I was new, I used to play in this server called 2fast2dangerous, which the server unfortunately disappeared. I started playing in Spacezone servers, and thus, Joined the clan Speed Freaks (SF|)

I stayed In Speed Freaks Until there death a few months later. During that time, I discovered CTWF and started playing there. I then Joined a High Rubber Clan Called DD, Which I was leader of for a while until I decided that the clan was not going anywhere, and Discussed with my mates that I would be resigning as there leader.

Months after that, Around december of 2010, I heard of the clans uNa And Tu:. I applied to Tu: (mainly because I had trouble registering in uNa forums) and sadly got rejected. I applied to uNa next and it was a long while before I got rejected there as well. So I started playing Just fortress after I got rejected in february, and the Re applied to uNa again. This Time I made it In. I was still very new to fortress, But with the help of az95, who taught me the basics of fort, and Tweezy, who taught me the basics of sumo, I began to become more and more experienced.

After 8 happy months with uNa, I decided to take my interests somewhere else. The clans Leaders were too stubborn to step down, and let activity happen, and the members were lazy, so I departed.

About A few weeks later, I made a very bold decision and decided to apply to Crazy Tronners. It was a toss up, I knew that with my experience I was not good enough to get in, but I was active enough to improve fast. Mb53, A member of ct, recognized this, and so, He took me under his wing giving me trainings and tips, and after two months, I made A crazy Tronner Trainee. It was only a month later where I was accepted into ct in december of 2011, Where I have stayed with my family ever since :)

Players Who Helped me, trainers and inspirations:

MB53 Gonzap Dorit0z Az95 Tweezy Vinny!

Ladle Wins:

Ladle 71 Ladle 72

Sumo Tourny wins:

Other Tournament Wins:

Champion of the 2nd bowl (seasonal ladle tournament)