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Hello everyone! My name is LOVER$BOY.


I am 25 years of age and live in Australia. I go by the name "Vertrex" occasionally because I prefer that name than the name my grandparents gave me. I grew up with my grandparents for 12 years without knowing who my actual parents are. Of-course I live with my parents now. I am nice, polite and a very helpful person but don't enrage be cause I don't know how to control my anger (some of my friends nicknamed it as "ANGER$BOY".

Tron Life

I have been playing tron for a long time. Ever since I first played it at my high school in 2006, I was very interested in it. At my school, I was a sole survivor because, back then, I didn't know you could change settings. So I played in default settings (infinite tails, 1 rubber, high acceleration). And then I found out how to do it by reading a few online server guides and since then I started to change settings to suit my needs.

At first I enjoyed messing around with the settings. Sometimes I made "Death Matches" by making the Death Zone appear at the start of the round and then people have to kill each other before they are killed by the deathzone. I left infinite walls exactly like it was because it was fun with infinite walls.

I enjoyed Dog Fight very much in between 2007 - 2009 until players started to throw insults at my way of playing and I decided enough is enough. So then I moved on to trying to make my own server ever since. My real spur for that was due to the fact that so many people are playing what I call "Normal" which are:

Capture The Flag / Shooting
High Rubber / Shooting
Fortress / Shooting
Dog Fight
Team / Sumo

In my younger age, I wanted to make a wild server with the wildest settings. I actually did make one but I lost them all when my hard drive was formatted by my unobservant father. Too bad but I tried to restart but all I could manage was the shadow of the wildness but not the true wildness that I'm still trying to achieve.

Clan Life

I have been in three clan leaders, two of which I was the leader. Those clans were:

0101|Galactic Tronners <-- Clan Co. Leader
PK|Phantom Knights     <-- Clan Leader
Tronners               <-- Racing Division Leader
eR|Elite Reborn        <-- Clan Technician
aP|Alpha Project       <-- Clan Leader

Right now I am free and jolly about it all. Clan life as given me valuable lesson on how difficult it is. I could have gone on with it but my health problems started acting up due to stress and so I dropped it and decided on a public group or a small organisation would do.

Tournament Life

I have been to two CTF BRAWL tournaments and I was my team's defender of the flag. I'm a good defender but not professional yet. I still wish I can continue to participate in the CTF BRAWL but my timings don't match anymore.

Favourite Playing Style

My favourite mode is Fortress which I enjoy very much. Originally my favourite was racing but lately, I've been getting into fortress. It was Wild West Wild Fortress that got me interested in Fortress mode and soon I was a very good defender of the team zone. I'm no good, however, whenever I lag and die.

I mostly enjoy playing High Rubber under no rules because I'm a speed killer, stabber and all sorts of things that people usually frown on. I'm very into speed type of modes (CCS, SGR) because I enjoy the speed and the flexibility you can turn at.

I double bind but that makes people think I actually quad bind because of my awesome turning speed. That can only be observed in the Adventures of Tron => Advanced Racing <= which unfortunately has been taken down :(

Alpha Project

This was an idea I got from a friend of mine (he doesn't want me to mention his name). This is a project full of abnormal modes which means that everything in this mode are originals created by crazy players (like myself). At first, I was developing the mode during my time in the "Tronners Clan" but after leaving, I was free to expand. Soon, I had more than 5 modes and very quickly they expanded to over 12 modes.

The modes I currently have are:

Sonic Fortress World        (SFW)
Solar Galaxy Racing         (SGR)
Close Combat Shootout       (CCS)
Kill Or Be Killed           (K.K)
Mazed Capture The Flag      (MCF)
Shooting War Field          (SWF)
Invisible Capture the Flag  (ICF)
Reverse Order High Rubber   (ROHR)
Zombie Shock Land           (ZSL)
Storming Fast Track         (SFT)
Kill The King               (KTK) <-- Working on Version 2
Last One Standing           (LOS)
Titanium Shootout           (TSO)
Fortified Capture The Flag  (FCF)
Flagged Racing              (FGR)
Experimental World          (EXP)

These modes are originally made by me. You can find these modes or you can request them at the project website: Alpha Project


Armagetron Advanced sty+ct+ap branch
List of manually created scripts can be found at Scripts - Alpha Project - Wiki

Current Position

University life sure is exciting!