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•  Ladle 65
•  Ladle 65
• Ladle 66
==Game Settings==
==Game Settings==

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I am Péter from Hungary, and my game nick is Nagi. I started playing in 2006/7 but only in local game. I stopped for a while, after a while I came back in december 2011, and started playing multiplayer. First I was on AfroThunders HR, but after a few months I didn't find it enjoyable, so I moved away. CTWF was the next step in my tronic life, and soon I started improving. After a few weeks, I have been invited to join Hunters, and because I wanted to be more skilled I decided to join them so I was playing under the H+ tag for a short period.

After H+ died, I have been asked to join Phoenix Clan, and since May 29 I am playing with them.


I am playing with this clan right now, and I am really proud to be here. First I was just a random n00b who could wear the Recruit tag (<*|). After 4 weeks, the leadership decided to promote me, so I became a full member. Soon I got into the leadership team, from that day on, I worked as a Sub-leader. In September the clan had some changes and the sub-leadership has been removed, I became a community member again, and I am still playing as one.

Ladle History

• Ladle 61

• Ladle 63

• Ladle 64

• Ladle 65

• Ladle 66

Game Settings

Since I started in local mode, I have been always playing with smartcam, because it's really useful sometimes. Players often suggested me to change it, but they all failed. :)

GID: Nagi@forums, Nagi@phoenix-clan.org


If you are interested, you can find me here or in any Sumo/Fort servers.