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name: Nagi, nagged, applause

playing from: hungary

playing since: 2011


camera: smartcam

GID: Nagi@forums

Clan history





Ladle history

Ladle Played For Beaten Teams Placement Lost To Matches
Ladle 61 <P)hoenix None Nothing WildWest 1–2
Ladle 63 <P)hoenix MatriX Quarter Finals \\MeetYourMaker 2–0, 0–2
Ladle 64 Phoenix RedamnSon/% Quarter Finals Rogue Tronners 2–0, 0–2
Ladle 65 <P)hoenix None Nothing Speeders 0–2
Ladle 66 <P)hoenix Fire None Nothing Revolver 0–2
Ladle 67 <P)hoenix Fire None Nothing MeetYourMaker 0–2
Ladle 68 φοίνιξ phóinīx OOps Quarter Finals Rogue Tronners x–x, 1–2
Ladle 69 <P)hoenix Fire None Nothing Redemption/% 0–2
Ladle 70 <P)hoenix Fire None Nothing Revolver 1–2
Ladle 71 <P)hoenix Fire OOps Quarter Finals That 71's Team 2–0, 0–2
Ladle 73 <P)hoenix Σmbers None Quarter Finals kill st 0–2
Ladle 74 <P)hoenixFire Serenity Semi Finals Redemption 2–0, 0–2
Ladle 75 Phoenix Fire Will Never Die! OOps Semi Finals TeamUnK 2–1, 0–2
Ladle 76 Redemption 2 Immortal Dynasty Quarter Finals Redemption 2–1, 0–2
Ladle 78 Ascension None Nothing TeamUnK 1–2
Ladle 79 Ascension None Nothing uNk 1–2