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About me

I started playing AA some where around august 2007.

In that period i broke my arm and had to play with one hand for some time.

That's how my current name got a life all on it's own o_0.

Name variations

  • one/arm\bandit
  • Bandit
  • oab
  • Bandito
  • 1/A\b
  • Banditos
  • Bandy

Any of them could be with the clan tag.

Where you find me

When i started playing back in 2007 you could find a lot at Octopus Garden, sadly this server is not running anymore. Also DDL and Norms where servers i liked playing. When Norms went down for the god who knows how many times Angel was kind enough to put up a server, we now know as Cheers. This would be my local hangout to chill and enjoy the craziness of all those oldschool players who still hangout there. Good TImes!

In the past

  • Octopus Garden.
  • Yellow Submarine. (the old settings, before Noob13messed them up (hehe kidding bro))
  • Norms.
  • DDL.

In the present

  • The Cheers server.
  • Yellow Sub.
  • Sumo servers.


At the moment i am in the CD clan.

Club Dutch was Founded by CDBubb aka Bubbelgum Pilot.

We also have a server with multi play types. Thanks to Superkikim


i've played in,

War Sumo Tournament (WST)

Team Sumo Tournament (TST)

Rubber Soul War (RSW)

Tronic Shovel