From Armagetron
The History of zero.
A Tron Story.

The Beginning

I learned about Armagetron Advance in September 2005 from my friend TehJuggler. We had the same computer class and began playing everyday for a while. We started a clan call The Fulch Cave. Our tag was <tfc>. It had to do with our teacher's name, the fact that we are pirates, and we hid our booty(treasure) in a cave. This last for a little while and then we stopped playing for some reason. During this time period I was went by TheBlackPirate, zerofusion, and then <tfc>zero.

The 2nd Beginning

It was about December when I remembered about Armagetron. So my other friend, Broken and I started playing again. Nothing much happen for about 2 months because there was winter break and I only got on a few times. During January, I became very active and started meeting people within the game such as Oblivion, Eagle Eye, and a few others. On Feburary 24, I believe, Oblivion asked me to join The SpeedeRs. On the 26th I joined and became a Speeder.

The SpeedeRs

When I first Joined I was so excited. Within two weeks or so the tron divison of Sp was getting nowhere fast and I was seeing less and less Speeders. Pretty soon it was just Delueks and I. Everyone was telling us that SP was over and kept critizing us about wearing the sp tag.(~*SP*~) I went clanless for a while and continued to play with my friend Broken.

|_PiR_| / -=:[MEC]

Well, Broken and I decided to start a clan since we started wear tags for fun. Since we liked pirate more than Ninjas,|_NiN_| the NiN clan's 1st tag, We decided to go with |_PiR_|. I really don't know why we changed to -=:[MEC], but we did. Anyways we started getting recuits and got a server up. This lasted until the middle of March 2006, I believe. The forums are still active, but everyone has quit playing tron for other games. When I heard ~*SP*~ was back I decided to go and see if I could join.


Once back in ~*SP*~, everything was going great. Oblivion and Psyko were putting the clan back together. We started to attract a lot of players. I joined the Graphics team while I was there this time. A few new divisiond opened up and the clan seemed to be doing really well. Rai Rever Tims and myself had become friend during this time. We played a lot during this time. Anyways good things always come to an end I guess, well atleast for me. The structure of ~*SP*~ had begun to change. Basically everyone was equal, in the sense of position, there we're still the "leaders" that moderated the forums. Feeling as this wasn't for me I deicded to leave, approximately Oct. 3rd 2006 I think, with Rai after having a long chat with Psyko. After leaving, ~*SP*~ reverted back to the old ways. I guess it was a kinda of shock therapy. Anyways I still have a bunch of friends in ~*SP*~ and I wish them the best of luck. :)


After leaving ~*SP*~ I decied to good clanless for a while. I had some fun viewing my options. A few clans asked me to join them and I was still having mixed emotions. Rai decided to join ~}SD{~ and I was thinking I would. I held off becuase they were having some problems at the time, and they eventually left the tron seen. But not for long, most of the ~}SD{~ members created "Death by Distraction." After hearing about this clan and knowing that most of my friends were going to be in it, I decided to join. And this is where I leave off. -zero