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Winner-Stays-On Sumo Shindig

Date To Be Announced


  • Players will be divided into randomized groups.
  • Rounds will have a set time limit.
  • Groups will compete in rotating 1v1 matches, best of 3 rounds.
  • Match Winner stays on, remaining players in a group rotate filling the loser's spot.
    • Loser joins the end of the queue, so a previous winner who loses does not rejoin the queue at a previous position.
    • The queue order will be changing, so pay attention c:
  • Players keep track of match wins (use TEAM_NAME)
  • Depending on sign-ups, either the player or 2 players with most match wins when time runs out will move on to the next round.
  • If time runs out during a match, that match will be played out and counted.

Server Settings

RINCLUDE Cadillac_/sumo/1v1shindig.cfg
SERVER_NAME 0xff99ffSumo Shindig 0xffffff(0xaa44ddServer Name0xffffff)

Sign up

To sign up, choose your server preference (US, EU) and add your Global ID to it.
Actual server placement will depend on the number of sign ups in each region

{{SBT EU|username|authority}} {{SBT US|username|authority}}
Example: {{SBT EU|Titanoboa|forums}}


Challenge Board


To change brackets, edit Template:WSOBrackets