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The Speeders own two servers, each hosted by a speeder server controller.

~*SpeedeRs*~ Classic Server: A high rubber, high acceleration server hosted by ~*SP*~InStInCt. In Europe (i think!).

~*SP*~ Fight Base: Another high rubber server, but with slightly less acceleration - hosted by ~*SP*~joda.

~*SpeedeRs*~ Clan

Welcome to The Speeders section in the Armagetron advanced Wiki...

Basically, SP is a clan for everyone who wants to gain more respect, increase skill via training with experts and have more fun in the zone! When you first play a game, it's usually cool, but sometimes you think that this could be even better if you had some good close allies - or mates to play alongside in the competition.

Well this is the result, a clan for numerous games where you can join in! Wear the ~*SP*~ tag with honor, playing and winning with your team mates in the heat of combat and strategy. Want to have that sort of fun? Visit us :)

Even if you just want to check our website out, or even if you were bored and just wanted to read this, it's still nice just to visit our forums and talk to the Speeders. We love to help all players in the games we play, just ask us a question and we should reply rapidly! Thank you for reading this. Have fun in armagetron =)

-The Speeders X3r, Psyko, Oblivion

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