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{{1v1 Server|kite's US||4535|New York, USA|[[User:Kite|kite]]}}
{{1v1 Server|kite's US||4535|New York, USA|[[User:Kite|kite]]}}
{{1v1 Server|Lowkey's US||4535|CT, USA|[[User:Lowkey|Lowkey]]}}
{{1v1 Server|Lowkey's US||4535|CT, USA|[[User:Lowkey|Lowkey]]}}
{{1v1 Server|AoT UK||4534|London, UK|[[User:sinewav|sine.wav]]}}
{{1v1 Server|AoT NY||4534|New York, USA|[[User:sinewav|sine.wav]]}}
==Server Configs==
==Server Configs==

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1 v 1 S u m o T o u r n a m e n t

64 Player 1v1 Sumo Tournament - Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Sign-ups are OPEN!

General Information


  • You need a working @forums/Global ID
  • Its best of 3, unlimited rounds. Max points is 600.
  • Regular sumo, just 1v1.
  • Cannot be more than 5 mins late after starting time.
  • Admins/Mods may not abuse their powers, if doing so you will lose those powers.

Please don't play under an alias.

Very important, there will be 2 opening rounds! A time will be listed under the server part if you're in opening round 2 :)

Sign Ups

To add yourself, simply choose your server preference (US, EU, Don't Care) and add your Global ID to it.
{{1v1 US|username|authority}} {{1v1 EU|username|authority}} {{1v1 IDC|username|authority}}
Example: {{1v1 EU|Titanoboa|forums}}
MAX 32 USA players & 32 EURO players



Players signed up here are guaranteed a spot as long as they are amongst the first 64 to sign up, and will be assigned a region by whatever's free at the end.

  1. revy@forums


Players with a preference to play in EU servers sign up here.

  1. wap@forums
  2. Luiso@forums
  3. ogo@forums
  4. noob85@forums
  5. beasty@forums
  6. beauty@forums
  7. Gonzap@forums
  8. bilbobaggins@ct/junior
  9. vov@x
  10. Venijn@forums
  11. pike@ct/leader
  12. Vogue@exentric.us


Players with a preference to play in US/NA servers sign up here.

  1. Renegade@forums
  2. Nanu Nanu@forums
  3. Lynx_@forums
  4. Rudycantfail@forums
  5. Magi@forums
  6. Overrated@forums
  7. orion@forums
  8. Oblivion@forums
  9. Lowkey@forums
  10. Sour\_Diesel@forums
  11. Gazelle@forums
  12. Concord@forums




Admins help out with any troubles and editing the wiki bracket, you can still play and be an admin too :)


To add a server just copy and paste this code and fill out the required information.

{{1v1 Server|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[http://serverwebsite.com http://serverwebsite.com]}}

  • 1v1 Sumo Tournament (Cookie's NL) (Cookie) Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 1v1 Sumo Tournament (kite's US) (kite) New York, USA
  • 1v1 Sumo Tournament (Lowkey's US) (Lowkey) CT, USA
  • 1v1 Sumo Tournament (AoT UK) (sine.wav) London, UK
  • 1v1 Sumo Tournament (AoT NY) (sine.wav) New York, USA

Server Configs




To edit the bracket Click here

  Opening Round Sweet Sixteen Elite Eight Final Four Championship
 Wap x  
  CT LIV  Wap 2  
  18:15 GMT  Venijn 0  
CT LIV  Beasty x
17:45 GMT  Venijn x  
  CT LIV  Wap 2  
   Vov 0  
CT STO  Noob85 1  
17:45 GMT  Luiso 2  
  CT STO  Luiso 0
  18:15 GMT  Vov 2  
  CT LIV/ CT STO  Wap 2  
   Vogue 0  
  Cookie's NL  Beauty x
  18:15 GMT  Vogue x  
Cookie's NL  Pike 0
17:45 GMT  Vogue 2  
  CT STO  Vogue 2
   Gonzap 0  
AoT UK  Bilbobaggins  
17:45 GMT  Gonzap  
  Cookie's NL BU  Quantic 1
  18:15 GMT  Gonzap 2  
Cookie's NL BU(EU)  Quantic 2
 Zenith 1  
CT LIV  Wap 2
 Magi 1
  Light's US #1  Concord 2  
  18:15 GMT  Gazelle 0  
Light's US #1  Oblivion 1
17:45 GMT  Gazelle 2  
  Light's US #1  Concord 2  
   orion 1  
Light's US #2  Overrated 2  
17:45 GMT  Lynx 0  
  Light's US #2  over 0
  18:15 GMT  orion 2  
Light's US #3  Nanu
17:45 GMT  orion  
  Light's US #1 / CT USA  Concord 0
   Magi 2  
  Light's US #3  Magi x
  18:15 GMT  Revy x  
CT USA  Magi 2
17:45 GMT  Rudycantfail 1  
  CT USA #1  Magi 2
   asdf 0  
Light's US #4  asdf 2  
17:45 GMT  Renegade 1  
  CT USA  asdf 2
  18:15 GMT  Lowkey 0