1v1 Loose DF Moshpit

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General Information

The 1v1 Loose DF Moshpit will be played on Saturday, September 17th, 2011! :D
  • 1 vs 1 Loose DF Tournament
  • Sign ups are CLOSED
  • All info is here.



1. You must have a @Forums/Global ID.

2. Preliminary rounds will be first to seven points, win by two.

3. Finals will be first to seven, best of three matches, no win by two.

4. All dates will be in Eastern Time.

5. If you are more then five minutes late to your match, you will be disqualified.

6. Matchups will be decided at random.

7. If you want a referee please ASK either Scene, Brok3n or any referee before your match has started.

8. If a referee is not present and both parties do not agree/no evidence (screenshots) is put forward proving who won, the match will be replayed with a referee.

9. ALL loose DF rules apply; including no line traps.

10. If a bye is given it will be given to the player who signed up earliest.

Sign Ups

# Sign up below. Be sure to include your name and login. See example below if you need help.
  1. Example Player1@forums

  1. AC/DC (AC/DC@Forums)
  2. Mad (Madmonkey@Forums)
  3. J£t (Jet@forums)
  4. One (*One@forums)
  5. Wiz (Wiz@forums)
  6. Sabit (Sabit@forums)
  7. Duck (Wildturns.!$@forums)
  8. Neuro (neuro@forums)
  9. eeZ (eezeez@forums)
  10. Brice (DisRupted@forums)
  11. Magikarp (magikarp@forums)
  12. Soul (Soul@forums)
  13. StoRM (Pine@forums)
  14. Illusion (Syndrome@forums)
  15. Fear (ezbake@forums)
  16. Dot (gunnybunny98@forums)
  17. Z3nith (Zenith@forums)
  18. pdbq (pdbq@forums)
  19. $p1[y ($p1[y@forums)
  20. YANG M!NG (DANGER ZON3@forums)
  21. HypNoSis (/not\Dale@forums)
  22. Fool (yeahyeahfool@forums)
  23. -=VcL.SyNRgee` ($YN3R6Y@forums)


If you would like to help admin or be a referee for the tournament please sign up below! We will contact you via pm on the forums after. (Admins/Referees are NOT allowed to play in the tournament)

  1. 'Brok3n Flow@forums
  2. 'aScene scene@forums
  3. 'Knight Narnia@forums


If you would be so kind as to host a server for this tournament it would be greatly appreciated! We will post the rinclude below when it is completed.

* '''1v1 Loose DF Moshpit(Server Name)''' ([[ServerAdmin|ServerAdmin]]) <code>Address:Port</code> ''Location''
  • 1v1 Loose DF Moshpit(Scene's #1) (scene) doloservers.com:4534 Chicago, IL
  • 1v1 Loose DF Moshpit(Scene's #2) (scene) doloservers.com:4535 Chicago, IL
  • 1v1 Loose DF Moshpit(Scene's #3) (scene) doloservers.com:4536 Chicago, IL
  • 1v1 Loose DF Moshpit(Scene's #4) (scene) doloservers.com:4537 Chicago, IL
  • 1v1 Loose DF Moshpit(Scene's #5) (scene) doloservers.com:4538 Chicago, IL


The first round will take place at 3:00pm Eastern time. The second round at 3:45pm Eastern time, the third at 4:30 Eastern time, fourth at 5:15pm Eastern time, and the finals at 6:00pm Eastern time!

-- Also please play in one of the 5 tournament servers that we will have up, thank you!
  First round Second round Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals