2010 Q1 Dev Meeting

From Armagetron


Date and Time

On Sunday 10th, January 2010, a bit before the ladle, around 18 GMT


IRC Channel #armagetron on irc.freenode.net


Log: http://havoc.ift.uni.wroc.pl/~p4/logs/armagetron/show.php?log=%23armagetron.2010-01-10.log



  • Forum moderation
  • Give Lackadaisical access to website

Resource Repository

  • Splintered community repositories popping up
  • Restoring the central community repository
    • Hosting
      • Is Dreamhost usable? No, can't run rsyncd
    • Accounts
      • Username or global-ID?
    • Management
      • Non-developers?
      • Third party dtd's?

Merging Sty/CT

  • If the 0.2.8 branches are wanted, maybe they should be merged and become 0.2.9? z-man sez NO
  • Merging trunk development
    • Per-feature branch theory
  • Trigger protocol
    • Need a way to let servers define new controls

Future Direction

  • Console/phone platform support
    • OpenGL ES
    • GPL exceptions?
  • Scripting
    • Python scripting fork (removes Ruby "support")
  • Feature requests via bug tracker?
  • CMake and other stagnant branches

User Experience

  • Menus
    • Item Reorganisation
      • Implementation Details, better kept for future dev-only discussion
        • Use hooks to generate menus on the fly
          • eEvent branch uses boost::signals, finalise and use that?
        • Add menu entries statically, but better
    • Better Look
      • Use cockpit code?
      • glowing
      • textures/models

Stabilisation of trunk after

  • Trunk
    • Quite unstable yet, not good for tournament servers. -- Branch 0.4? Yes
    • Authentication threading not working, drop zthreads and use boost threads as we already use boost ? Yes, for 0.4
    • New features
      • Referee votes
  • Windows 7