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4TF-06 will take place on: Saturday, April 3rd, 2021
  • Sign-ups close 24 hours before the tourney.
  • 4 teams with 4 players each battle on 1 grid!

Information about 4-Team Fortress


The rules are highly flexible and any variation can be determined by the organizer. 4-Team Fortress settings generally follow Ladle settings with scoring changes appropriate for the number of teams, their sizes, and how long the event should last. Each team has 4 players. In the past we tried teams of 5, but the excess lag made this team size impractical.

4-Team Fort is generally a spontaneous event often decided mere days before it happens. Players should show the same sportsmanship as Ladle. However, there are no guidelines regarding team sign ups and placement on the bracket. 4TF runs successfully as a "Spoon style" event. That means, teams sign up on the Challenge Board then place themselves on the opening round brackets wherever they choose (without editing another team of course!).

Event organizers must do their best to accommodate the teams. This may involve adjusting a second or third server to handle an odd number of teams and/or adjusting the number of match wins. Possible scenarios:

  • 4-teams: Winner is the first to take 2 matches.
  • 5-teams: Same as above, but lowest score of first match gets replaced with 5th team.
  • 6-teams: Add another round of play. Top two teams after one match meet teams 5 and 6.
  • 7-teams: Set a second server to max 3 teams and let let the lowest score be eliminated. 2 winners advance to meet the 2 winners from the other server.

The above examples are not not the law and can be modified for any number of teams. Players get pretty excited about the finals so they often play first to 2 match wins. Again, teams and organizers must to their best to adapt the game and make it fun, if not fair.


One of the earliest 4-team maps was created by Durka in August of 2006. A tournament was played, which was successful enough to prompt a second 4-Team Fortress event in October 2006. A wiki page exists with the early workings of 4 Team Fortress Tourney 2, and is now preserved as a historical reference as this page supersedes it.

It is not clear if there were organized 4-Team Fortress tournaments between late 2006 and this successful event in January 2010. No other 4TF events were scheduled before the creation of this page in January 2013, followed immediately by 4TF-03.

4-Team Fortress | About | Challenge Board | Results