From Armagetron

Played on 6.3.6 at midnight 05 between a few fe-clan members, and a few bods from anarchic wanderers and some other random bod...

Sky from Fe happened to be in CVS and he suggested a match, which took us half an hour to organise. Vanhayes, Mazuffer, Kamp and I versus fe blubb, ossi, meri and sky. The first match was the best with fe victory. The second we threw away at the end. The rest was messy since I, 2020, took def heheh just to give maz an opportunity to hassle them.

If anybody wishes to add some notes to this game, please do.

It was a hassle to organise, and we eventually managed it. However, we had to constantly kick players who joined the game, which was not good.
Two way to avoid this. First, fill the server, v8 game, so that no new players can join. Second, alter the settings to suit the numbers of players, in this case v4.
Also, trying to organise this is damn tricky. I think we can do better, and I think a wiki might help.
Didn't have opportunity to try new team tactics, strategies... still this was the first game...
I enjoyed playing against you thougher-than-average players. If I had to nominate the toughest opponent however, the honor is clearly MaZuffer's, who not only stopped our offense quite a few times all by himself, but also was adept at intruding into my fortress with a success rate unachieved by anyone else.
If we planned matches in advance, we could perhaps corner some server admin in disabling annoucing to the master server and post the server's IP here, in effect locking out casual players.


Here are the scores from the MBC match:
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3

from 2020
The game went well from my point of view, at the back. We won the first game relatively easily, though Crazy Tronners put up a good fight in the second and nearly snatched it away from us: winner of the last game would win the match. It took ages to get down to playing though, with team-tags and all that gas... with players popping in and out - I think Garisimo's baby nearly choked to death so he had to leave at the beginning of the second match. And there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether we were playing a time-out match or not... Once ghab came, we had a full team, and luckily someone on the opponents team also appeared so we had a 8v8 game --- the only real way to play.
I think z-man has been experimenting with tags, and numbers of players, with perhaps one player as substitute. I think it may be useful in the future, if z-man gave temporary admin status to team-captains for example, to determine the number of players each team has etc. Either that, or we as players just make damned sure we have 8 players in our teams, and we arrive on time... Which is what happens in the real world most of the time...
from ghableska

I agree with 2020...good game, quite easy. I don't know what happened during the second match. We won... Nothing more to say../

from Oblivion

It was fun we owned the first match, and the second one we had a bit of trouble. I look forward to practicing the fork tommorow, if we get that move down we might be able to take on ?? and maybe even put up a good fight if not win! This was a very easy tourney, I think people could grind a bit heavier though.

From featherfcuk
It's absolutely wonderful that we won. On the other hand, I wasn't there to see it. FUCK, I'd have loved to see CT going down, but I got kicked/banned for at least 10 minutes and after that the server was full. So... I got drunk and now I'm spitting a nouthful of shit that doesn't belong anywhere. Too Doo Loo, I just got kicked out of a pub for putting superglue into ashtrays. Later......
From PsYkO
Go us.

from 2020
Messy game. They only had four players, so Zop played for them and Van left. We had madmax, 127.0.1 (though I think this was psyko in disguise? maybe?), featherfcuk, and garisimo, and ghab entered late but left before I could sub off... Then one of them left and sky replaced them... then gar left to find another player for them... very messy.... Still, we lost one game in the middle.... and it was closer than is should have been.... Luckily spidey wasn't playing for them, otherwise we might have been in more trouble... Anything interesting about the play....? Nope, don't think we tried anything unusual.... still waiting for the day when we can try different launches... OH, one thing: with only 5v5 there were people entering all the time... what a bore... either we need full teams or a way of closing the game once it has started...
From PsYko
z-man should give temporary boot privelages to team admins..
From featherfcuk
Not to Vanhayes though... Canadians are always powerfreaks, he's deemed to abuse that priviledge!
no, no its pronounced CANADIAN not AMERICAN, u know canada the peacekeepers of the world?. And Use discussioin page u noobs.

from 2020
much more relaxed game... and winning the first match makes it much easier... best of 3 is very tough... I died a lot... but thankfully Van and Psyko and Zop and Ghab pulled the game out of the bag with their incredible skills.... Wow... what a game... pity we didn't have 8v8 though... I think that is when it is crazy....
Oh, me and ghab were chatting on Skype during the whole thing... which didn't reduce my ping... it was kind of useful... it would be nice if we were all connected on the team...
Finally... it would be nice to have some kind of debriefing... so we as a team can talk about the game.. how we felt etc.... Any fresh ideas about how it went and so on...
from ghableska
I agree with 2020, it was IMHO a lot easier, and relaxed. The games seemed to move a lot slower than our matches against the Somethingsomething. I had some keyboard troubles and had to quit in the middle of the game and restart. And we believe (hopefully) that a fake Lucifer came in. And we kicked him. Other than that, it was quite normal.
from Van
Ya it was a more relaxed game, first match wasnt too hard but second one had me worried when they took the lead. Without 8vs8 we had to constantly kick people though, which is annoying but really doesnt effect much. O ya and that was a fake luci, it was really pimp.
from PsYkO
Omg by the end of that 2nd match my fingers were so mangled..I think the key to winning these things is to STAY ALIVE. Do anything necessary to stay alive. GOD DAMMIT CANT WAIT TO PLAY MBC rofl

Something Something (??)- beat us 2-0 of best outa 3 matches, close ones but WD to them
We had a match against the SomethingSomething team today. And we lost. It's very easy to see the difference when you play games on CVS and here. The games were much tougher and intense. I hope that our team can get a strategy soon, or else......
Crazy game... stress was huge... I played ok, but didn't feel good at any time apart from keeping maz back for ages during one round; the only time I felt really useful... An interesting idea that came up was feather's Time-out, but I think we have to wait before introducing this.... I think the rules should be firm: play the best of 3 straight through... no excuses. I mean, Psyko disappeared near the end of the first game, which threw me, and then reappeared at the start of the next... if this happens... we just have to play through.... Anyhoooo -- great game, loved it... bring it on...
By the way, who played...?
Lackadaisical [??]
Yeah, the timeout thing was a bit hazy, it would be better if we had talked about it before the game took place, but oh well, better luck next time. I really think we should make the play offs a best of five, since this was a bit too short imho (quote someone: 'i finally warmed up, 2 matches too late'). Pavelo made a (debug) recording, its 4.2 megs packed, but i'm not sure if/when he's going to put them online. Good games, hope to see you in the playoffs.

I was very impressed with the level of skill from team ?? ....could this possibly be a preview of the final match????????? more to come... I definitely agree with Lacks on the best of 5 match for the playoff pix. we should also think about scheduling the tournament at ONE time in ONE place so we can have people watch as well (so long as it does not affect the LAG factor)...