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AFFA will be played on Saturday, March 19th, 2022!


Each role (center, wing, sweep, def) has a different ability. These abilities can be used by binding an instant chat button to /ability and pressing the key to use it. Each ability has a different number of charges and a cooldown. Using your ability while it's on cooldown will show the remaining cooldown in chat to you only.

Center: (1 charge, 30s cooldown) Spawns a small, short lived rubber regen zone in front of you that makes you pretty much invincible for a second while you're in it. Needs to be setup well (go straight) for beating a hard dig.

Wings: (2 charges, 40s cooldown) Speed boost to you and anyone in a small circle around you. Will give you slightly less speed the faster you are when using it. Zone added for clarity, not a traditional accel zone that can be hit after. Can be used to give enemies sudden unexpected speeds if you're close.

Sweepers: (2 charge, 25s cooldown) Spawn 2 slow zones that slow any player on entering the zone. One shoots in front of you a bit faster than your current speed, the other is dropped behind you and stays there for 10 seconds. Less effective against 30 (base) speed players than speedy players. You can use these defensively around your zone to stop attackers from getting speed, supporting an ally by shooting them to decrease speed in a tunnel, or slow yourself down in a tunnel if you use your brakes and ability creatively.

Defense: (1 charge, 50s cooldown) Turn off holes server wide for a few seconds. Use it to thwart holing attempts! Then it'll be on attackers to fake hole more in attempt to bait your ability.


Third Zone This zone will spawn on the side of the map for the team in the lead if they have at least a 4 point advantage. This zone slowly grows. Intended as a comeback mechanic, giving the team behind a chance to get more points on a good round.

Sudden Death At 240s or after 90s of 2 players or less alive on each team, all remaining players will be spawned in a shrinking sumo zone.

  • Zone size variable based on number of players. Min size 38, max size 50.
  • Abilities are turned off in this zone.
  • 1v1s/2v2s/1v2s can extend the starting time from 240s up to 300s.

Physics Changes

Changes from default Fort/Sumo physics:

  • 4.5 rubber, but slightly faster regen.
  • Brakes are stronger but deplete faster.
  • "Tighter" rubber settings, get closer to walls without using as much rubber
  • Dig amount (distance to a wall) no longer depends on the wall length
  • Rim walls give a speed boost (flat amount + % current speed) when turning away from them.
  • Walls stay up after death changed from 8s to 4s
  • Hole size reduced from 0.75 to 0.08