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SEASON CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST Aflw21icon.png Rules Rosters Schedule Standings Statistics

League Structure

  • Winter 2021 Season will have four teams.
  • The regular season will be a 3 match schedule.
  • Each team will play a regular season schedule consisting of a two-game match against every other team.
  • Teams will earn 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.
  • The top two teams after the regular season will qualify for the playoffs.
  • Playoff matches are best-of-5 games.
  • Teams must play all scheduled matches or face suspension review for future seasons.
  • Ties are broken with a 1-game tiebreak match.

Game Settings

  • 5v5
  • First team to 5 rounds wins the game.
  • Each team has 10 respawns to use each game. Respawns are deployed using the /respawn chat command.
  • Kill points will not impact team score.
  • Rim accel set to 0.75
  • Otherwise standard fortress physics, map, and conquest rates.
  • Players must spawn at the start of the round and continuously be connected to server to be eligible for respawns in a given round.

Roster Rules

  • Teams must sign-up with at least 5 players and no more than 7 players.
  • Team rosters are locked for the season on Friday 24:00 PST before the first match date.
  • Free agent subs may play for any team during the regular season, but cannot play in playoff matches.
  • Teams may only use rostered players or free agent subs during regular season.
  • Free agent subs may not also be rostered players.
  • Teams may sub freely between eligible players during a match.

Spirit Award

  • After each match, each captain submits to the league admin the name of an individual opponent who exemplified the spirit of fortress by playing hard, being a respectful and honest opponent, and making the game enjoyable.
  • After each match, each captain submits to the league admin a ranking of the opposition team on their spirit from 0 to 5.
  • The league admin will keep private any rankings or submissions.
  • At league end, the player(s) with the most individual nominations will win the Individual Spirit Award, and the team with the highest average spirit ranking will win the Team Spirit Award.

MVP Award

  • After each match, each captain submits to the league admin the name of the most impactful opponent and the most impactful team member.
  • At league end, the player with the most MVP nominations will win the MVP Award.

What If...?

  • If a team cannot field five eligible players for a match, they will forfeit the match, receive a 0 spirit ranking, and captains will face an eligibility review for future seasons.
  • If a team has fewer than five rostered players available for a match, they must accept any free-agent substitute available to play for them. If more free-agent substitutes are available than necessary players, the team can choose which plays for them.
  • If both teams require free-agent substitutes and sufficient free agents are available, Team Gold will be able to pick first from available players.
  • If both teams require free-agent substitutes but sufficient substitutes are not available, teams are permitted to play 4v4, and captains will face an eligibility review for future seasons.
  • If players disconnect or freeze, the opposing captain can decide whether to allow a round reset or not.
  • If a free agent substitute begins a match, they are required to be available to that team for the duration of the match. If they leave without their captain's permission, they will face an eligibility review.
  • If a team captain feels a free agent substitute is intentionally sabotaging the team, they can remove the player from the team mid-match.
  • If a rostered player attempts to play for a team other than their own, that player is immediately suspended for the remainder of the season and will face an eligibility review for the next season.
  • If a captain uses a player rostered for another team, they will face an eligibility review.

Eligibility Review

  • League Administrators have the power to conduct an eligibility review if a player, captain, or team does something for which such a review is the stated consequence.
  • Reviewed player, captain, or team may submit comment to explain or defend their actions.
  • League Administrators may require comment or input from other parties, including but not limited to server logs, opponents, and bystanders.
  • League Administrators will make a decision before the player, captain, or team's next league match.
  • Possible outcomes of an eligibility review: Immediate suspension, suspension in next season, immediate suspension of captainship, suspension of captainship in next season, warning, captainship warning
  • Suspended players, captains, or teams may appeal the league administrators decision after the conclusion of the current season. The other eligible captains will hear and vote on the appeal.

League Administration

  • League Administrators have the power to determine eligibility of a player if they violate a rule for which an eligibility review is a consequence.
  • After each season, a Yes/No vote will be held among players as to whether each League Administrator should be allowed to retain administrative responsibilities and powers.
  • League Administrators must respond to reasonable questions about their decisions.
  • Current League Administrators Discord and global ID: ahsoka#3639 (blondie@forums);