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AVE Fort (America Vs Europe)

The AVE fort tourney is an project to play the Ultimate Fortress matches of armagetron, and to see whoes the best America or Europe. It is possible to sign up through the Sign Up Page.
There are 2 teams consisting up to 5 players .( 1 American- 1 Europe) who will look into the applications that have been made and will decide wich players are worthy enought to play or even become team-leader.
Of course can't we do all of this by ourselfs so the team leader and his co-leader are able to send an form to us with 3 players he would be glad to play with, we will evaluate these players if they are worthy enough to represent their continent. Every of the 4 teams will contain 8 players witch while be chosen by the independent jury, the matches while be played like this:

  • Europe 1 Vs America 1 on Europe Server
  • Europe 2 Vs America 2 on US Server
  • America 1 Vs Europe 1 on US server
  • America 2 Vs Europe 2 on Europe Server

The Scoring System

All matches will be played with the best of 5 system that means that the first team that gets to atleast 3 won matches wins the "Total match". At the end of every "Total Match" the won matches are count and every match will count for 1 point, the team that won the match will get +1 point for winning the match, For example:

  • Team A Vs Team B / Score: 3-1 / A will get +1 for winning so A has 4 points and B 1