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Armagetron Advanced Map Editor

Acme stands for Armagetron Advanced Map Editor. It is a project started by Lucifer for the purpose of developing a widget set that he intends to use elsewhere. So Acme gets irregular attention and can use some help if someone else would like to work on it.

It requires pygame and python and a bit of patience on the part of the end-user.

Downloading Acme

There is currently only one way to get it, and that's to check it out from svn. If you're using Windows, you're on your own (unless someone edits this page and tells you, hint hint). In Linux, you can do this:

 svn co acme

Alternatively, you can download a .tar.gz of Acme here.

Running Acme

First you need to have a version of Python installed. In all likelihood, Acme requires Python 2.4 or higher but may work with a 2.3 version of Python. Then you need to install Pygame.

Download Python Download Pygame

After you've done this, then you cd into the acme directory and type python acme.

Using Acme