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The First Affray tournament will be played on Sunday, January 17th, 2016!
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The Penalty Box is an archive of Affray bans resulting from a trial. See warnings and suspensions.

Ban Log

Player GID(s) Affray(s)

About the Penalty Box

Below are the original guidelines outlining the warnings and suspensions section. Written by dlh, it is the framework for the current system. While superior in construction, it did not capture the feeling of the community and was seen as both too lenient and overly complicated. The trial procedure was kept in place but enforcement has been simplified to Affray bans only rather than a warning/penalty system that decayed over time.

Original Guidelines

Players can be issued warnings by the Affray community using a voting trial. If a player is accused of violating a rule or committing an offense not defined by the rules, then a trial will be run with the following question. Note: this question should be modified to pertain to the accused player and action committed.

Did <name> violate Rule #<n> or commit an offense? No, Yes and they should receive (1 warning, 2 warnings, 3 warnings)

If neither option receives 2/3 of the vote, then “No” is the winner. For the “Yes” option to win it must receive 2/3 of the vote. If the “Yes” option is the winner and there is a tie between the number of warning choices, then the leftmost tied-option is the winner.

Warnings have the following rules:

  • If a player is convicted of committing an offense, then all active warnings will stay active for an additional 2 Affrays. Otherwise if a warning has expired, then it can be rescinded.
  • If a player is sentenced to 1, 2, or 3 warnings from the trial, then the warning(s) will be added to the Penalty Box. They will initially expire after 4, 8, and 12 Affrays respectively.
  • If a player has 2 or more active warnings, then they can not be a Team Leader.
  • If a player is convicted of committing an offense and has 3 or more active warnings, then they will serve an Affray suspension of length 2 ^ (number of active warnings - 3). Here is a list of examples:
    • 3 warnings: 2 ^ (3 - 3) = 2 ^ 0 = 1 Affray
    • 4 warnings: 2 ^ (4 - 3) = 2 ^ 1 = 2 Affrays
    • 5 warnings: 2 ^ (5 - 3) = 2 ^ 2 = 4 Affrays
  • If a player is suspended from the Affray, then all active warnings will stay active for an additional amount by the length of the suspension.

The rules are applied in the order in which they are defined, and they will be applied after all Affray-specific activities have completed (games, voting trials, etc…). Warnings and suspensions will be tracked on the Penalty Box page, each entry having a supporting link to the forum thread with the results.