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Bad Sneakers

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Bad Sneakers (Bs) is a Yellow Submarine clan founded by Delka and Gollum early in September 2014.

Usually Bs-members can be found on The Classic Submarine, The Sneaky Submarine or The Yellow Submarine.

We are a bunch of people that enjoy playing (team)deathmatch gamemodes as well as an open fighting style.

The Bs-Clan currently hosts two server: The Sneaky Submarine & The Sneaky Submarine (Teammode).

The Yellow Submarine Tournaments

Upcoming: The 3rd Yellow Submarine Tournament: Saturday, 14th May 2016
Click here for more info & Sign-up

The Clan also organises the famous The Yellow Submarine Tournaments:

Winner of the 1st YS Tournament: Mr [6/9/13] -> Click here for the video of the final!

Winner of the 2nd YS Tournament (Christmas Special): Lesnar [12/21/14]

Winner of the 3rd YS Tournament: TBA [5/14/16]

Check out our forum for further information!

The BsRoster

Active Bad Sneakers:

Noone (BsT_T)

b00m3r (Bs003)

Trust (BsTrust)

Paix (BsPaix)

Nutella (BsAngel)

Brian (BsYui)

Potato (BsTater)

Vaati (BsVaati)

Undertaker, aka Follower (BsTaker)

Active Sneakers:



Gollum (BsG01)

Vicious´ (BsVousy)

Delka (BsDelka)

Melon (BsMelon)

AlvH (BsAlvH)

Dyjeek (BsDJ)

DrLoL (BsLoL)

Noctis (BsNoct)

Sneaky (BsBoner)

Flox (BsFlox)

Lor[ (BsLor[)

Former Members: HaZe, EliTe