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As many know, the once thriving community of shooters has declined, but in an attempt at a chance for a former glory, I would ask anyone interested to play in a CTFS tournament. I am currently gathering what shooters I can from the world of tron. Maybe, we can inspire shooting once more, or maybe it's futile, but certainly this cannot be our last stand. Come forth once more, rifles in hand, and beseech upon the enemy your sling~


* Date: Friday August 19, 2011

* Time: Undecided


  • 4 players on each team.
  • 2 out of 3 matches win, unless both teams agree to continue further, but may not exceed the time limit of assigned time.
  • Max Points of 100 per match
  • 3 points for surviving team at the end of the round
  • If participating team is over 10 minutes late, they forfeit the match, and are further disqualified from the tournament
  • If one player is missing from a team, then a replacement may be found in no later than 10 minutes.
  • Max time per match: 30 minutes
  • No rimming is permitted. Their fate will be left to be judged by the keepers of the peace whether or not they stay or go.
  • Flag capture is 4 points.


  • Hackers Asoociation (HŤJohnny (johnny.nbk.@forums), HŤthe_master, HŤBlazE)
  • HŤSS (HŤAqua (Aqua@forums), HŤHero, HŤÅÇÎD, SS Live Evil HŤ)
  • Olde Schoole (Shade1 (Shade1@forums), HŤBlazE, The_Emo, ___, Sub:Exp)


Players without a team

Add your name here if you're looking to join a team. A person looking to create or find someone for their team will hopefully contact you.

*Name name(user@forums)

Keepers of the Peace

  • Make sure that matches can be started( /op, if team leaders don't show up)
  • Help with annoying spectators
  • User levels of these peacekeepers is 2
  • Unauthorized assistance toward a team will result in disqualification.
  • May not themselves be annoying.

  • Tru (Tru@forums)


Rinclude Files

RINCLUDE ctfs-tourney1-beta-2.cfg(http://crazy-tronners.com/resource/ctfs/ctfs-tourney1-beta-2.cfg)
RINCLUDE ctfs-tourney-authorities.cfg(TBA)
SERVER_NAME 0xff7700CTF0x804000S 0xff7700Tournament 0xcd6958(0xcdbb58Player's Server0xcd6958)

Server List

* '''Server Name''' ([[User talk:ServerAdmin|ServerAdmin]]) <code>Address:Port</code> ''Location''




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  Opening Round (??:?? GMT) Quarter Finals (??:?? GMT) Semi Finals (??:?? GMT) Final (??:?? GMT)