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The CTF BRAWL 48 will be played on Sunday, December 13, 2015!


* _~Rogue Tronners~_ has won the CTF BRAWL 27 on 14 April, 2013!
* Laid to Rest has taken the second place

Recordings & Screenshots

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Teams & Players

  • ~'Untitled (Windrider, Marshmellow (Wind@forums, Marshmellow@forums), sexy beast, Number3, Giby)
  • Laid to Rest (Orion (orion@forums), Ampz, Ousous, iNoob, Goban, Gazelle)
  • 6lu (munneR, DoFace (munneR@forums, RaigerElde@forums), Torn, Tropical Island, Fury, Juggernaut, somniac)
  • Proton Elite (Rookie (Rooki@aagid), Intence, Illusions, Ora, Metalfacedoom, -`S:Nanu, -`S:DeathZone)
  • _~RT~_ (shoe (Thilo@forums), Nab^1, Nab^2, Nab^3, Nab^n)


  First Round (17:00 GMT) Semi Finals Finals
   Proton Elite  
  Proton's  Proton Elite 0  
   _~RT~_ 2  
Proton's  6lu 0
   _~RT~_ 2  
    Rookie's  _~RT~_ 2
   Laid to Rest 1
  Rookie's  ~'Untitled 0
   Laid to Rest 2  
   Laid to Rest