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The CTF BRAWL 48 will be played on Sunday, December 13, 2015!


* ~'Untitledx has won the CTF BRAWL 3 on 30 April, 2011!
* Rogue Tronners has taken the second place

Recordings & Screenshots

Teams & Players

  • ~'Ux. (Windrider, Tish (Wind@forums, Tish@forums), Camaro, Div, Adobe, Cobra, Giby)
  • ~'Uy. (Sexybeast, Tru (sexy\ beast@forums, Tru@forums), Marshmellow, Regedit, Ti, Gftis, Portgas D. Ace)
  • Galactic Tronners (Death Zone, asdf (deathzone_24sc@forums), TronClon, Lagtastic, Yamato, Code X)
  • Master Disaster (`.HA.'cookie (cookie__@forums), HA Robot, HźHoler,HÅ~tºEÅGLES(to be named later))
  • PRU (Word (Word@forums), Ai, Eggman, Sliktor, tomb)
  • Private Team (garisimo (garisimo@forums), ~*Magic, ousous, Force, freako)
  • {LoT} (Cheshire,Park.Str (Wall.E@forums,xtr3m3speed@forums), Anthony,Firzen,Lampan,NaPiA.ZenTH)
  • DpG (Prema, A_Random_Noob (premaDpG@forums, random_noob@forums), Baggins,A_Random_Noob,Prema,flea,nin ...)
  • _~R~_ (Monkey.D.Luffy (Monkey.D.Luffy@forums), Matoso, Slick)
  • _~2~_ (Titanoboa (Titanoboa@forums), Tobe, Hiro, Bubble, Olive, Lackadaisical, free kill, Zinger, chicken flu, shoebat, PokeMaster)
  • CTF SUCKS (mecca (Mecca@forums), LucK, liz, spin, KGS CGoban 3, tba)
  • ID (Cody (Cody@forums), Ava, Killer, Gazelle, Alpha, Sabo, Ender, cscalera, Baphomet)
  • `'¢.The Collective (eckz (Eckz@forums), bellum, chah, devicat, envy, fini, kairo)


  First Round (17:00 GMT) Quarter Finals Semi Finals Finals
Immortal Dynasty  Galactic Tronners  
  Immortal Dynasty
 Galactic Tronners 0  
   CTF SUCKS 2  
Tru's HL  {LoT} 0
  Immortal Dynasty
   ~'Ux. 2  
AoT  _~R~_ x  
 Private Team x  
 Private Team 0
   ~'Ux. 2  
Tru's UK  PRU 1
 ~'Ux. 2  
  Immortal Dynasty
 ~'Ux. 2
   _~2~_ 1
Cam's Server  ID  
  Cam's Server
 ID 0
   ~'Uy. 2  
Crazy Tronner's STO  DpG 0
 ~'Uy. 2  
  Cam's Server
 ~'Uy. 0
   _~2~_ 2  
Tru's AM  _~2~_ 2  
 `'¢.The Collective 0  
  Tru's AM
 _~2~_ 2
   Master Disaster 0  
 Master Disaster