Chat Features

From Armagetron

Ok, now if a server is, then there are some chat features that you can use.

Private Messaging

Now you can private message in game, and it's easy too. Here's how.

To private message SD, you would type into the chat:

/msg SD Psst, SD!

This would send the message "Psst, SD!" to SD.

Q: If there is a complex name that cannot be spelled on an english keyboard because of the strange letters... how is pm'ing done?

A: You can ignore them and use unaccented letters instead. /msg goes by the user name where that stuff is filtered out, and you can get the filtered name displayed with /players. You can also just enter any (unique) part of the nick, so if you want to send a private message to wrtlprnft |mbc|, you can just use /msg wrt or even /msg prnf.

Team Messaging

Team Messaging is easier than Private Messaging. All you have to do is type:

/team message_goes_here

And your team got the message!

Action Messages

You can also do:

/me message

For instance,

/me is playing badly today

would display:

* Self Destructo is playing badly today *