Configuration Files

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File Locations

Contains the default game data, such as: configuration files, language texts, sounds, textures, etc. Files in this directory should not be modified—you can use userdatadir for your customizations.
Contains custom game data.



Mac OS X

The Armagetron Advanced Dedicated/ directory
~/Library/Application Support/Armagetron Advanced Dedicated
~/Library/Application Support/Armagetron Advanced


Windows XP

C:\Program files\armagetronad
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Applications Data\Armagetron

Windows Vista & above

\C:\Program Files (x86)\armagetronad

File Purposes

Here are the files you will find (Note: this is for the 0.2.8 server, older servers vary):

This file contains the information used to determine the AI player names and skills. You can edit this file to make a more customized set of AI players, but make sure to take backups. When you upgrade or reinstall the server this file will be overwritten.
This file contains a reasonable set of defaults and shouldn't be edited.
This file contains the location of the master server and connection parameters. You can edit it, but then your server won't be able to communicate with the master server that everyone uses, so only do so if you really know what you're doing and have a good reason to do it.
This file is used to configure the UNIX daemon. It may not be present in Windows/Mac OS X.
This file contains the basic set of settings used by both the client and the server. You should not edit this file.
This file contains an extended set of settings used by the dedicated server. You should not edit this file either.

So where should you make your changes? There are 4 files that were not listed, but they are the files you should edit! Why aren't they listed? You are supposed to make them, using a regular text editor. So, open settings_dedicated.cfg and copy the appropriate lines into the following files:

In the old days, up to and including, server admins were advised to create this file and put all of their settings here. This file is still used in 0.2.8, but using it is no longer recommended as we move to a more modular configuration system. So, if you're trying to setup a server with or earlier, please use autoexec.cfg. Otherwise, read on for what to use.
You should put server policy settings here, as well as the SERVER_NAME and connection information.
This is the file that should contain game rule and simulation settings. If you obey the convention for server_info.cfg and settings_custom.cfg, your server will not only be easier to maintain, but also easier to exchange settings with other administrators.
This file is loaded and processed every round. In a running server, that means you can use this file to change settings on the fly. It also means you can put special information using console commands here. For example:

SAY Server stats at

...will display "Admin: Server stats at" between every round. Very useful! You can also put:

INCLUDE settings_custom.cfg

...and your settings_custom.cfg file will be reloaded every round. Not particularly useful, but it can be helpful when you need to tweak simulation settings.

Note: If you're reading this guide because you want to migrate a 0.2.7.x server to 0.2.8, you should just copy your autoexec.cfg file to the new installation. It would be best if you factored out the settings in autoexec.cfg into server_info.cfg and settings_custom.cfg, but it's not required.