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Many players ask, "How did you change your name within the game?" or "What is the wall length in this server?" There is a very easy way of changing your name or cycle color and finding out the settings within the game. The Console.

The Console Button

The first step in using the console, is figuring out which button it is bound to it. To bind a new button to the console go to:


system setup


Misc Stuff


Global Keyboard Configuration


Console Input

5. Set a button for console input. You are now qualified to tell people that you have ub3rl33t +ron h4x.

Using T3h Console

The console can be used inside or outside of the grid. So. Press the button. You now see "Con:" where it normally shows "Says:". You may now type in commands to alter your settings or view server settings.

Commands of T3h Console

If you do not know a command you may input a search word into the console. You will be given a list of commands containing the given word. You may also find a complete list of Console Commands here.

Various Personal Settings

 Player_1 xXx   

This would change your name to xXx.

 color_r_1 n  
 color_g_1 n   
 color_b_1 n

Replace n with a number. Any number. Put red at 16 and blue and 4 and green at 0 for example. It's best to figure out the combinations yourself.

 ping_charity n

This setting determines how much of your opponent's you are willing to take over. If you have a slow connection, set it to 0, if you have a fast connection set it to however generous you feel. But keep in mind, the server has a habit of deciding your ping charity for you! So setting this is more like asking the server nicely for something, but usually has no effect.

 camera_custom_back -- The position of the camera behind the cycle.
 camera_custom_pitch -- The angle the camera is at.
 camera_custom_rise -- The height of the camera.

The Custom Camera page can help you decide your settings for the custom camera.

 Raoul_Duke_Ping 0 

This never works, unfortunately.

Server Settings Commands

 cycle_brake_deplete and cycle_brake_refill
 win_zone_deaths (if set at 1, watch out, it's a kill zone)

Type these commands in the console when:

  • You wish to find out the settings of the internet server you are playing in (do not type values after the words).
  • You wish to alter your own single player game settings (type values after the words, ex: cycle_speed 30).

There are many other console commands. I do not know all of them. Try typing keywords such as cycle, speed, ping, walls, rubber, or any other setting you can think off.


Players can change the color of their text by using oxffoo code.

  • Example: Type in, "0xff0000 Hi I am new at using oxffoo" without the quotations marks of course, and use zeroes, not the letter "o".

0xff0000 codes are RGB triplets, just like you would write in html or something. Basically, split it up like this:

 0x ff 00 00

The 0x can be ignored. It's required to tell the game you want to use color here, but otherwise you can throw it away and not think about it. The first number is the amount of Red to put in the color. The second is Green, and the third is Blue. Hence the phrase "RGB triplet".

The tricky part is that these numbers aren't in base 10 like your normal counting numbers. They're in base 16. So ff=255. Just think of it as a two digit number where you can choose from numbers 0-f. The counting progression is { 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, a, b, c, d, e, f }. As you can see, "a" is number 10. You don't really need to know much more than that 0xff0000 has more Red than 0xaa0000, and stuff like that.

See Bases if you do want learn more about hex.

Developer's note: these color codes were not intended for use by the players; the choice of 0x as intro string was a bit unfortunate. Some servers will filter away your codes, so do your testing in a local game. Since it was not intended for use, no thought was given on usability, and for example upper case codes are not accepted. So use 0xff0000 for red, not 0xFF0000. And don't be angry about future unannounced changes to the format.

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