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The Armagetron Advanced staff is very active on the forums, so if you have a request it will almost surely be attended to there. However, if you still wish to contact someone individually, it is possible either via forums PM or email. Here's a list of who's who. (Please note the spam 'safe' email addresses.)

The List

Real name SF username Forum name (empty if identical to SF name)
Dave Fancella davidfancella Lucifer
Fred guru3 Tank Program
Jochen Darley yarrt
Peter klaxnek klax
Kurt Johnson k_at_work K
Luke-Jr luke-jr
Daniel Harple nemostultae
Philippe Villeneuve philippeqc
Mathias Plichta wrtlprnft
Manuel Moos z-man

E-Mail addresses can be generated by taking the SF username and appending "". The forum is at

guru3, z-man and davidfancella are the Administrators, any spam goes to them.