Crazy Tronners

From Armagetron

The Founding

The founding of Crazy Tronners can't be dated back exactly. It has to be somewhere around February 2006. It was Xevic who had the idea. Shortly after Shadow and Ed joined. So these three were the founders. Ed is our server genius. Our wonderful Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (originally: Ed's Mad Fortress) is his baby. It's hosted on one of PTA's servers.

The Early Days

The first homepage of CT actually was a Google group and shorty afterwards a Yahoo group. Later Xevi made a forum hosted on Ed's and since 13. July 2006 we have

One Year Later

More servers were created like special ones for various tournaments. The clan grow and got more and more members.

The Reformation

In the middle of 2007 we realized that we got more like a bunch of people who just play Armagetron once in a while and talk in our forum about whatsoever. More and more Armagetron players just joined our clan to wear the CT tag and felt cool and better than other ordinary non-clan players just because they were "in". Xevi stepped down as clan leader because he didn't have enough time anymore to lead the clan. Sol took over leadership and started a 'reformation' of the clan. Drastic measures had to be taken to establish a new spirit. New rules were defined and some members were kicked out of the clan. A lot changed inside CT.


We are a strong clan that attends at tourneys and does clan wars. We have enough active players for clan wars and internal battles which is a lot of fun. Our server techs are up to date and help developing Armagetron so it gets better and better. Our servers belong to the most popular ones out there.