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Clan Story

Et Al was founded by ~'U.Windrider on February 26th, 2012, with ~'U.Axis being the forum administrator. EA's vision is to help foster the growth of the CTF community by recruiting players with unused potential and helping them reach that potential. In addition, it was decided that ~'Untitled would play a large role in helping to train the members of this new clan, along with some help from _~Rogue Tronners~_. For almost 5 months, ~'Untitled worked with EA to promote the growth of the clan they helped to found. On July 22nd, 2012, the ~'Untitled clan passed leadership of the clan to Suicidal and Child of Blood, with Xtra being given control over the forum administration.

EA won his first brawl on January 13th. (brawl 24) after that EA dies.

Thanks to all that formed part of this adventure



July 18th, 2012: Won first clan war, against inserT Disk (iD)

July 22th, 2012: Won a scrimmage match, against Untitled (~`U.)

July 28th, 2012: Won clan war, against Insomnia (Rx)

August 12th, 2012: Won clan war, against Wild West (_~`Ww_)

January 13th. 2013: EA won his first and last brawl. (Brawl 24)

Last Roster

Child of Blood, Suicidal, Illusions, Zavage, Ampz, Prema, Ninja


February 26th, 2012: EA Created

February 26th, 2012: Child of Blood, Suicidal, and Coogi added to Roster

March 2nd, 2012: Illusions added to Roster

March 4th, 2012: Shy added to Roster

March 10th, 2012: Chico added to Roster

March 14th, 2012: Xtra added to Roster

March 18th, 2012: Avatar added to Roster

April 14th, 2012: First Brawl entry, Brawl 15

July 10th, 2012: Ampz added to Roster

July 12th, 2012: Prema added to Roster

July 18th, 2012: First clan war, against inserT Disk (iD)

July 22nd, 2012: Became independent of ~'U. clan

October 5th, 2012: Spark's added to roster

October 11th, 2012: Rookie 2.0 added to roster

November 7th, 2012: Nanu added to roster

January 2013: Nanu and Deathzone leave the clan

January 2013: EA dies

January 2013: Some former EAs create new clans/teams, others just play ocassionaly.