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Preliminary Information

This is meant to be a complete guide to using the FFABot. This article should leave you with full understanding of how to use it.

Step 1: (DONE FOR YOU!) Installation (Obtaining an executable of the program)
Step 2: (DONE FOR YOU!) Running the program
Step 3: (START HERE!)   Communicating with the bot

Communicating with the bot

The bot can be found running in #armagetron.tourneys, all you have to do is show up and communicate with it! However, to communicate with the bot you must be added as an administrator of the bot. To do this, you need to PM me (Ratchet) on the arma forums using this link. I will add you to the bot's administrator list, and then you can follow the rest of these instructions. :)

Setting up the Players & Captains

First, a list of players and a list of captains must be loaded into the bot. The list of 48 players should be gathered from the FFA page.

Using the list of 48 players, first you should add them into the bot's list.

$addrange Player_1 Player_2 Player_3 Player_4 [...] Player_24
$addrange Player_25 Player_26 [....] Player_48

Notice that I added them 24 players at a time. It's to reduce the possibility of names being cut off due to the character limit of IRC. Do NOT add all 48 players at once. Split them into two groups of 24.

Once all 48 players have been added as players via the $addrange command, you should add the 8 captains, linking their already existing Player name to their IRC nick.

$addcaptain IRCNick1 Player_1
$addcaptain IRCNick2 Player_2
$addcaptain IRCNick3 Player_3
$addcaptain IRCNick4 Player_4
$addcaptain IRCNick5 Player_5
$addcaptain IRCNick6 Player_6
$addcaptain IRCNick7 Player_7
$addcaptain IRCNick8 Player_8

Notice that each IRC nick is being linked to an already-added player. Also make sure that you do it in the correct order. IRCNick and then PlayerName.

At this point, all captains and players should be loaded into the program. You can verify this using the $who command.

Next, ensure that all captains are present and ready to begin the picking process.

Picking Teams

When all captains are ready, use the command


to begin the picking process.

At this point, each captain will be randomly assigned a number between 1 and 8. The bot is programmed to know which captain contains which picks and will automatically prompt them to choose their player when it is their turn.

The command $players can be used at any time to view a list of remaining players.

The command for captains to pick players is $pick <playername>


Once all players have been chosen, the bot will automatically finish the process and output a list of the final teams. The teams should be copied from the IRC channel to the wiki page.


If at this point there is something that you didn't understand, there are two options.

First: Check out this sample page that demonstrates how to set the bot up. It shows you ALL commands that would have been used to pick teams for the FFA 1. This should clear up any confusion on what commands to use.

Second: If you're still in doubt, message me on the arma forums here.