Fallen Angels

From Armagetron

Fallin-Angels started out as a small Soldat clan in 2006 with one server; the original |FA| Decaying Zombie server. The site and clan were created by Damien, Spidey and DragonHeart, along with the further help of the many Site and Server Moderators. Since |FA|'s early days, the clan and the site members have seen many changes to both the servers and the site. The member base started with only four or five members, including the Admins, and has grown to what it has become today.

Fallin-Angels currently runs three servers in Soldat, eight to ten servers in Armagetron in rotation, a Tremulous server, two Urban Terror servers, not to mention the site, a Teamspeak server for chat and an IRC channel. Many people over the years have contributed to the site and the servers in vastly different ways and without their tireless efforts and their input, Fallin-Angels and the |FA| divisions it now has, would not be what it is today. To all those people who have made |FA| what it is, thank you and we hope you enjoy your time with our |FA|mily!