Fe goes spoon

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As you can probably judge from this page, my efforts at marshalling enough fe for spoon have not been met with success. At this time, a last minute effort to attract more players is underway. Should this fail, fe will not participate at the spoon. Further information will be posted tomorrow.

I apologize for the premature team entry I submitted. I had taken it for granted that members in a clan called fortress elite were interested in a fortress tournament. Apparently, I was wrong.


Meriton 08:09, 6 April 2006 (CDT)

Maybe will manage after all, but it is still fuzzy. Theoretically we now have enough players, but whether we can assemble them at the same time is yet to be determined.

Meriton 12:06, 8 April 2006 (CDT)

sKy is still trying. he is asking opponents to drop by our forum at fe-clan.mlbel.de .

Meriton 02:26, 16 April 2006 (CDT)


To schedule the games, we need to know when players are available.

All times in GMT, please; you might wish to convert times using this website.

Deutsche Übersetzung

Um unsere Spiele zu planen müssen wir wissen, wer wann spielen kann.

Bitte schreibt alle Zeiten in GMT, die Website hilft beim umrechnen. Wenn ihr in Mitteleuropa seid: Die Zeitdifferent zwischen mitteleuropäischer Zeit und GMT beträgt 2 Stunden; 10 GMT ist 12:00 MEZ.

week 2

(Monday 10th - Sunday 16th)

meriton: Monday-Thursday is impossible, Friday between 18 and 21 GMT, Saturday and Sunday between 8 and 20 GMT.

Nazgul: Every day 13 GMT, 17 GMT

sKy: every day cept maybe tuesday and sunday. but plz weekend if possible becuz AP exams are coming up for me and im gonna be pretty busy throughout the week.

week 3

(Monday 17th - Sunday 22nd)

meriton: Monday between 8 and 20 GMT, Tuesday to Friday impossible, Saturday and Sunday between 7 and 19 GMT.

sKy: does 12 GMT sound good for monday? tomorrow im most likely available all day.

also. i want u guys to check the forums cuz the more u check the faster we can update our times. check the forums at least 3-4 times a day

                                                                                                                      ..radian...the only days im,e unavailable is.....21st..22nd...23rd...and   29th...gigs with  band on those days    any other day is cool....of course in an ideal world  we would all be available all the time ...i say this cause other clans have said we are not oganized..well thats not the case...we  are real people with real lifes....ok  we need a few more regular members....point taken..things are changing in [fe] as other clans will soon find out....hehe   see u on the grid