Fortress Cafe Tournament

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General Information

The tournament will be played May 22nd at 17:45 GMT! Signups close after the Thursday before the tournament.
This is a tournament based on the old Fortress Cafe server. The tournament will run the Fortress Cafe settings, which include 8v8 matches, hole radii of 2, 2v2 conquerable, and 1 point holes. Most matches will be played best of 1, except for the semi-finals and finals which will be played best of 3. The winning team of the losers bracket must first beat the winning team in a best of 3, and then a final deciding match to win. A double elimination style of play will be in effect. If a team loses one match, they simply proceed to the next round on the bottom of the bracket until they lose one more time, in which case they are eliminated. The Ladle Rules/Regulations will be in effect.

Past Fortress Cafe Tournaments

Fortress Cafe 1

Sign Up

Sign up your team with either one or two team leaders. List all the players, including all subs, that may play for your team. Look at the sign up templates below if you're confused.

{{CafeTeam|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Team Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ...|Wiki Page Name}}


{{CafeTeamExternal|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Team Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ...|}}

For more information, see Template:CafeTeam or Template:CafeTeamExternal.


  • Starbucks (Syllabear (syllabear@forums), Yeah we're back and ready for round 2!)
  • ¦×¦ats + friends (Rudycan'tfail (Rudycantfail@forums), Speed, Corn, Desolate, Hoax, Raph, Karma, JS, Newbîe, Teen, FroZen)
  • still alive (dariv, zat (dariv@forums, zat@forums), Zig, Eber, Kryptonite, GluGGsel, Kuba, vov, TaZ, spling, !Matter,xv/6,tish, wind, asce )
  • Speeders (FoFo, nubilous (FoFo@forums, Fort.nub@forums), Aiphaton, d3m0n, Magic, Titanoboa, Kult, pre, freeto, algid, viper, slov, spica)
  • Team Get Whhhhhald (LucK (LucK@forums), TBD )
  • uNk (fingerbib,Pr3 (fingerbib@forums, Pr3@forums), noob13, noob_saibot, tls, Wildcat, Luzifer, DrHouse, 0ma, Mkay1, slash, nara, MaZuffeR, Jip)
  • Crazy Tronners (Gonzap, Owned, MB53 (Gonzap@forums, Owned@forums, matchbox53@forums), emphasis, puuquie, B3er, Orly?, Emmy, wap, appa, Pike, Voodoo, punk, Dread, safa, Cronix, BTD, Roze, K_Yo)
  • Team silly (2020 (2020@forums), TBD )


Server Configuration

RINCLUDE fortcafe1.cfg(
RINCLUDE fortcafeauth1.cfg(
SERVER_NAME Fortress Café 0xff7f7f(0x7fff7fPlayer 1's Server0xff7f7f)

Server List

{{CafeServer|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[]}}


  • Fortress Café (Crazy Tronner's LIV) (CT Server Tech) Germany (EU)
  • Fortress Café (PlzResUs!) (AI caramba) Germany (EU)
  • Fortress Café (_~R~_Paris) (???) Paris (EU)
  • Fortress Café (Crazy Tronner's NL) (CT Server Tech) Netherlands (EU)

US & Others

  • Fortress Café (Crazy Tronner's USA) (CT Server Tech) Chicago, Illinois (US)
  • Fortress Café (_~R~_Kansas) (wot's a websyt?) Kansas (US)
  • Fortress Café (INW's Shore) (INW) New Jersey (US)

Challenge Board


  • All games are best of 1 match, except Semi-finals and Finals which are best of 3, a final deciding match will be played in the finals if the losers bracket team wins the first best of 3.
  • If there are 2 servers listed for a specific game, the game will be played in each team's home server (European or American) if both teams are European or both are American. If there is a mixture, the game will be played in the server that is in bold.

To change brackets, edit Template:FortCafeBracket2

Opening Round (18:00 - 18:20 GMT)   2nd Round (No games)   3rd Round (18:20 GMT)   4th Round (18:40 GMT)   Semifinals (19:00 GMT)   Finals (19:45 and 20:30 GMT)
   Crazy Tronners    
 Speeders          ---------->    
   ¦×¦ats x          ¦×¦ats    
 Team Silly x        ---------->
   still alive 0        uNK      
 uNk 1        ---------->  
             uNK 1
   Starbucks x          Starbucks 0  
 Team Whald x        ---------->
   Crazy Tronners        ---------->    
   (Team Silly)            
       ---------->        Crazy Tronners    
       Crazy Tronners        Starbucks    
       Starbucks        uNk    
   still alive x      ---------->  
   Team Whald x        
       ---------->      still alive 0
             Starbucks 1