Gentoo Portage Overlay

From Armagetron


Setup layman

To install and use Portage overlays, you must first install and configure layman:

emerge layman

You must also add a line to your make.conf file. This line is different depending on the version of layman that you have.

#Layman 1.1:
source /usr/portage/local/layman/make.conf
#Layman 1.2:
source /usr/local/portage/layman/make.conf
#Layman 1.3 and later:
source /var/lib/layman/make.conf

For older setups use and more information see:

Before you can use layman, you need to fetch its list of overlays:

layman -L

You may also want to read the Gentoo Overlays Users' Guide for more information on layman, including how to update your overlays.

Adding the Armagetron overlay

layman -a armagetron

Installing Armagetron Advanced

USE flags

Several USE flags exist for Armagetron packages:

  • debug: Enabled debug mode. This may disable certain features, and enable debugging artifacts.
  • dedicated: Builds the dedicated server
  • moviepack: Installs graphics making Armagetron look more like the movie TRON
  • moviesounds: Installs sound files from the movie TRON. You can set LINGUAS="es -en" to get sounds from the Spanish movie instead.
  • opengl: Builds the regular game client; default unless USE=dedicated


  • armagetronad: Releases of Armagetron Advanced. If you set ~arch keyword, you will be able to install experimental releases.

Updating the overlay

You can sync just your Armagetron overlay via layman:

layman -s armagetron

Or sync all your overlays at the same time:

layman -S