Grand Sumo Games

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The First Grand Sumo Games will start its trial on Sunday, July 26th, 2015!
  • Discussion for the Grand Sumo Games is taking place here.
  • To participate in the Grand Sumo Games enter any Sumo tournament that has been announced to be apart of the GSG.
  • Good Luck to all participants!

The Grand Sumo Games

The Grand Sumo Games will be a yearly competition to determine the year's best Sumoer. This is currently in trial mode and will be beginning with Shovel 6, July 26th, 2015. The Grand Sumo Games will be using a point system to rank players based on how well they did during the tournament and help determine future brackets for more sumo tournaments to make for fun tournaments to watch and be a part of. As of now only sumo tournaments hosted by Magi will effect the standings of the Grand Sumo Games, anyone who wishes to help host a tournament in the future or has suggestions for The Grand Sumo Games can post here or Private Message Magi on the Armagetron Forums.