Housing a million spectators

From Armagetron

Although Armagetron is all about playing, there will be a reasonable amount of attention paid to the final games. Of course many of the servers will be hosting friendly games between teams, in order to determine some kind of ranking, many players will want to see the level of skills demonstrated by the last two teams, and how that compares to their own skill and teamplay.
Which means, the final must be able to accomodate a million spectators. A system which uses some kind of mirroring must be enabled, so that the game is effectively mirrored throughout the net to all participating players, with groups accessing the same server being allowed to communicate with one another, sharing the experience of spectating.
Do not under-estimate the joy of sharing an experience together. Imagine, a million people following the same game. The football World Cup has in the order of a billion people watching the final... It is a sharing experience, and hence it is important that players can celebrate and commiserate together.

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