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The third IFC (Incam Fortress Competition) will take place on Sunday October 11th 2008 from 19.00 GMT.
  • Talk about it
  • Sign Up. And get a hold of mumble or skype for real lol.
  • Gather at the InCam Fortress Tourney (Ct's [USA]) US server and wear the ]i[ tag.

The Third Incam Fortress Competition

After much discussion (and little organisation:), a few brave souls have put together the Third Incam Fortress Competition for the 11th October 2009. The plan is to advertise it at the previous week's Ladle. Players are to stick their names down on the Sign Up list, and then to come together on the day at 19.00 GMT where teams will be decided. (Someone else is going to come along here and hopefully edit how this actually occurs:)

The Incam Fortress Competition

The IFC dreams to become a part of the Tron International Competition. Actually, in his first come out, the IFC wants to subject players to a new perspective of fortress. In fact AA played in incam confuses most of the times who plays. The game become hard as for a newbie as for a "pro". In this flattening of skills the good thing is that everybody can play and have fun. This competition tries to underline how respect and honour are first ingredients for a nice fair play and skills only a technical knowledge to share. For this reason teams will be formed in game and not with a previous sign up. The team will take the name from its captain, chosen in a warming up match. The IFC will take place in the way "one night, one server", even if it dreams to be as big as ladle, improbably there will be a lot of players in this first try. We all hope to have a good game. I invite everyone who cares to improve this page and related and, why not, the English grammar too. :)

This competition has been discontinued for long time, but now i would like to make it run again. It has been nice the first times, I hope it will be so nice next ones. So we just have to fix a date and time, and then go! Rain 08:48, 13 January 2008 (PST)

Incam Fortress Competition | IFC | On The Day | Rules | Results