Joda's Team Code

From Armagetron

The updated features:

  • Display current Team and Next Team in Team Selection Menu
    • Allows immediately rejoining your current team
    • Allows joining the empty team ? (Security Issue ?)
  • Player settable Teamname either set a custom teamname (with menu) , let the server assign a color teamname or the default teamname.

Note: Requires protocol addition :(

  • Removed Teamname voting (oldest player sets teamname)
  • Rewrote probalistic team balancing to determistic.
  • Added Message to saying "PlayerA wants to join TeamB for next round"
  • The configuration will be interpreted as strict as possible.

(currently imbalances are not yet respected)

  • Score for team kills can be configured.

This allows positive or negative scores for team death/kill. Working.

  • Removed "static bool reduction" in ePlayer... now works without

this construct.


  • Add deterministic bot balancing
  • AutoAI: Either swap bots or change their AI / name.
  • What happens if teams_max=2 team_max_players=2, but the 5th player joined the server. Proposal: Add a feature for tournament "mode"

by having more than 2 teams on the server but just setting two teams to alive.