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== Team !LOL!
== [[the pool]] ==
== [[the pool]] ==

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Stick your name down on a list, or start your own team. The system of organising ourselves for THE LADLE is slightly different than the first tournament. Based on player feedback, we are going to try to organise the timing a little better so that the day (Sat 29th July) runs smoothly...

Please indicate a captain. Check out the Challenge Room for the way the play-offs are organised.

Don't just put your name in the pool list. It would be better if you create a team as we are trying to get up to 16 teams.. then enlist team-mates!

Anarchic wanderers

  • gArIsImOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO -- team captain
  • 2020
  • Vanhayes (probly)

eg team noob

  • noob1
  • etc


  • ~*SP*~PsYkO - Team Captain
  • ~*SP*~Error
  • ~*SP*~Joda.bot
  • ~*SP*~Leeroy
  • ~*SP*~OoKenny
  • ~*SP*~Slash
  • ~*SP*~Xell
  • ~*SP*~fr34k
  • ~*SP*~Sonar
  • ~*SP*~Speed
  • ~*SP*~whatup
  • ~*SP*~Demon
  • ~*SP*~oM3g4
  • ~*SP*~Oblivion

== Team !LOL!

      • Wildcat

the pool

For unaffiliated players who would like to play on the day....

old team lists

Where you can find the team lists for the First Ladle Game.