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Through dangers untold, and hardships unspoken,

I have fought my way here beyond the Goblin City to take back the child you have stolen


Labyrinth is a server that serves up twisted maps. The purpose of the game is to solve the labyrinth faster than the other players. It is run by Lucifer and uses a random maze-generation script.

Playing the Game

Labyrinth 23.png

Each player spawns in a point that is roughly the same straight-line distance from the center. It's not technically a radius, however. You are guaranteed not to start facing directly towards a wall, but there's no guarantee that you face in a direction that leads anywhere. You should then proceed to solve the labyrinth. The first player to enter the zone in the center of the map wins.

Technical Talk

A new map is generated every 5 minutes and goes into play at the start of the first round after its generated. Some rounds last long enough that a generated map is skipped. Other rounds will repeat the same map over many times. The map is placed in everytime.cfg by the same script that changes out the maps for the Crack Pipe.

The script that generates the map is called 'mazer'. It is written in Python and is loosely based on a script that Lucifer found somewhere on the web. It has numerous parameters, and Lucifer still hasn't settled on settings he's happy with. The script uses a depth-first search algorithm to generate the maze. This makes for some pretty hairy mazes!