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The Challenge Board is designed to make the pairing of teams easy for Sunday 3rd February with finals at 9pm UTC. You might wish to create a wiki page of for your team or place expected teammates in brackets on the Challenge Board. We are still attempting to have runners up! If your team loses, continue into the semis, and the winners of these will meet in the runners-up final.

Quarter Finals 7:30pm 11:30pm 2:30pm
Semi Finals 8:15pm 12:15pm 3:15pm
Finals 9pm 1pm 4pm

All Challenge Boards have been locked at 0:00 am UTC on the day of the event Sunday 3rd February.

Fortress Challenge Board

There seems to be a bit of a problem with these silly edits. I'll discuss whats happening in the forums. For now both alex and kyle have a three month temp ban. I may be willing to shorten(extend) it after said discussion.--Your mom 06:49, 3 February 2008 (PST)

Please post your team name and the players who will play for your team below. (N.B. you need the consent of both teams to switch their positions)

  • Team 3 is... ~|DarkSyndicate|~ [CruZ, gonz, dvd, judders, slash, plage, snört, sunny, alien, mesc, zion, g5]
  • Team 4 is... ~*The Speeders*~ [freaky, sasha,, d3mon, noto (2nd round)]

  • Team 5 is... -¦x¦- [Aeon, Cid, Earplugs, Epsy, Flex, Fofo, Hoax, Infamous, Legit, Sticky, Subzero, ZZ 109]
  • Team 6 is...

  • Team 7 is... [ combine ] [1200, Curbside, preSsure, teen, Subliminal Freq...]
  • Team 8 is... Twisted Killer Rats (~ X ~, Dookatee, Durka, Flash, Goodygumdrops, Hoop, JJBean, Knus, Lackadaisical, Luzifer, SageLord)
Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
7:30 PM UTC 8:15 PM UTC 9:00 PM UTC
@ Z-mans Fortress 1-2
Crazy-Tronners Crazy-Tronners
@ Bugfarm clone & DS fortress 2-0
~|DarkSyndicate|~ ~|DarkSyndicate|~
@ DS Fortress 2-1
~*The Speeders*~ Crazy-Tronners
@ Z-mans Fortress 2-3
|x| |x|
@ ¦x¦ Fortress ~bye~
Team 6 |x|
@ Z-mans Fortress 2-1
Combine Twisted Killer Rats
@ wild-west fortress 0-2
Twisted Killer Rats

Speeders and Crazy Tronners Challenge Board

A similar tournament can be run for Speeders and for Crazy Tronners Fortress, to be run on the same day and at the same times. It just needs to be set up by players...

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